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Veronica's Closet

Veronica 'Ronnie' Chase is the 'Queen of Romance.' Founder of a successful lingerie empire, and best-selling author of self-help romance books, Ronnie has it all ... money, success, sex appeal and a philandering husband. How she will find true happiness without jeopardizing her business will be her biggest challenge yet.

Duration: 24 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1997

IMDb: 4.3

Season 3 - Veronica's Closet
"As Josh faces his first official day out of the closet, Ronnie and Olive compete to find him a new beau."
"On the eve of his wedding to Chloe, Josh finally confronts the issue of his latent homosexuality. Perry plots to seduce June."
"At Josh's bachelor party, his longstanding flirtation with best pal Brian goes a step further."
"Ronnie nervously anticipates an overnight stay with Tom. Leo aspires to be the best man at Josh's wedding."
"Josh and Chloe both develop crushes on their wedding planner. Ronnie enjoys a steamy reunion with June's hunky father."
"Stressed out about planning his wedding, Josh goes on an eating binge. Ronnie causes a Valentine's Day marketing massacre."
"When Ronnie dates Olive's former beau, she is tormented by a constant reminder of their relationship. Josh defends Perry and Leo from the office bully."
"Veronica vies to set an unusual world record; Josh shrinks from confrontation with a hostile neighbor. Perry's senile grandfather grows alarmingly fond of Leo."
"Ronnie “smells” trouble with a sexy new suitor. Olive learns good things don't always come in small packages."
"Ronnie nearly loses her head getting ready for a New Year's Eve duet with Isaac Hayes. Leo puts his feelings for Lana in writing. Perry tries to catch up on some last-minute resolutions."
"A trip to Miami for Ronnie and her staff plays out in different scenarios, depending on which flight they board. Tara Lipinski and Pete Rose appear as themselves."
"Ronnie's Thanksgiving bash becomes just that when she and June try to beat the stuffing out of one another. Josh cooks for Chloe's brothers. Perry gets a monkey off his back at the holiday parade."
"Taking a page from the Rosie Ruiz training manual, Ronnie learns a long, hard lesson about shortcuts at a charity walkathon. Meanwhile, Josh and Chloe perform a dress rehearsal of their upcoming marriage."
"Ronnie turns especially catty when her birthday gift to Olive is not nearly as purr-fect as Josh's. Meanwhile, Perry and Leo go to extremes to see a different side of June."
"The office renovation is complete, and Ronnie thinks June is trying to trick her into choosing inferior accommodations. Also, a videotape from Leo's past comes back to haunt him."
"Ronnie is temporarily distracted from the office remodelling by a fling with the construction foreman. Also: Perry becomes the butt of a cruel joke when the men's room is out of order; and Olive gets a new perspective when she reads to a blind teenager."
"Already sick of Alec's widow, June, Ronnie schemes to get rid of her new boss by malevolent means, but her staff's lack of cooperation inhibits her departure. Also: Josh's efforts to be one of the guys on a golf outing with Chloe's father are way out-of-bounds."
"Ronnie reels at the news that Alec has died in a bizarre volcano accident, but she really blows her top when she comes face-to-face with his widow. Meanwhile, Josh has a surprise for the rest of the office."
Season 2 - Veronica's Closet
Season 1 - Veronica's Closet