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V.I.P. is an American action/comedy-drama series

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1998

IMDb: 4.8

Season 3 - V.I.P.
"Val, Nikki and Johnny help an archeologist recover an ancient relic but they discover that she may be working with an evil Ukrainian general. Kay accidently locks herself, Tasha, Quick and ""Weird Al"" Yankovic in V.I.P. headquarters."
"A fiery explosion aboard a boat leaves everyone to believe that Val is dead. V.I.P. start losing all their clients and their faith, Johnny quits, Nikki leaves to go to work for her grandfather and Kay almost goes to Vegas to get hitched. Quick and Tasha are the only ones left and they form ""Dexter Williams Protection"", to avenge Val's death, which is a joke to everyone. Finally Val emerges having been saved by Mexican fishermen and gets the former members back together again to save the day."
"A drug lord hires The Owl to kill one of Tasha's former husbands to avoid going to a Bolivian prison. When The Owl finds out that he would have to kill Tasha as well he turns against his employer and helps V.I.P."
"While helping Don Franco with his boat racing team V.I.P. stumble upon plans to sell a downed Chinese spy satellite."
"Val falls for a hitman while V.I.P. is protecting a corporate wistleblower."
"V.I.P. must protect a man whose blood can cure anything due to the fact that he's lived the last 23 years of his life in the rain forests."
"V.I.P. protect a man from Buenos Aires from a hitman but then they start to put the pieces together and discover that the man they're protecting is really Fidel Castro in disguise."
"After seeing a past life regression therapist Maxine starts to have flashbacks from a previous life in which she was murdered. With Maxine's help V.I.P. are able to solve the previously unknown murder."
"V.I.P. are hired by Wilton Knight, the head of Trans Global Internet Finance, to test out the new security system on one of his buildings. While there Val, Quick, Kay and Dave, Wilton Knight's software developer, get trapped in the building with a group of thieves when the artificial intelligence program Dave created locks them in and tries to kill them because he thinks they're trying to destroy him. Meanwhile Tasha, Nikki and Johnny try get back a car that was stolen from the parking lot at Foam and discover that it was used to smuggle Viagra from Mexico into the states."
"An old army buddy of Quick's needs his and V.I.P.'s help when their old army sergeant returns and tries to get money that he says should be his."
"V.I.P. are hired to protect Dr. Greg ""Bonzai"" Kobak, a scientist whose oil-eating bacteria if mixed with a DNA accelerant will create Diablo 99. Diablo 99 is a toxin that will turn water into sludge and Dr. Tina Stokes plans to get her hands on both with the help of a Val double. She sends Val on a health spa getaway and has the fake Val infiltrate V.I.P. and steal Dr. Kovacs' bacteria but her plans are foiled when the real Val returns early believing something is up when Angel, Dr. Tina Stokes' partner, appears at the health and tries to kill her twice."
"V.I.P. are hired to protect a former astronaut hero when his life is threatened because of some missing footage he has that will prove that a mission he was on was sabotaged and he and six cosmonauts where never supposed to make it back alive."
"V.I.P. enter a bodyguard challenge and they need someone to play the role of an intended kidnap victim. They can't get any of the celebrities they wanted so Val volunteers Maxine but Maxine gets mistaken for an undercover cop and gets kidnapped for real."
"Bobbi Canary, a washed-up actress, is studying V.I.P. for a movie she says she's to appear in titled ""The Night of the Bodyguard"" but she's really having someone secretly videotape her outings with V.I.P. so she can make her own cheap movie. She happens to catch something on tape she shouldn't have and now V.I.P. must protect her."
"Johnny and Val go undercover to try and get a billionaire's daughter to leave the motorcycle gang she's in and go home to her father."
"Val is forced to take on the Yakuza, the Japanese mafia, and defend the merchants of little Tokyo."
"V.I.P. are hired to protect a dot com nerd and Tasha thinks that Val might screw things up so she sends her to protect another dot com nerd. It was just a ploy however so Michael Ellins, V.I.P's dot com nerd, could get to Val's dot com nerd and eliminate his competition."
"Val is aboard a train with a reporter because she's going to give her the story on what she talked about with serial killer Thomas Binford Shaklee moments before his execution but she stumbles into the wrong room and discovers that he's still alive."
"Val tags along with Tasha on a kamikazi mission to find out who's killing off CIA double agents while the rest of V.I.P. discover that a man faked his own death to escape huge gambling debts."
"When Nikki, Val and Tasha stumble upon an attempted bank robbery Nikki discovers that the group leader is the same man that killed her father 10 years ago."
"V.I.P. are hired to protect the ancient Chinese mask of Jin-Doo but Johnny is under the influence of his mentor from China."
"Val is selected to be a contestant on ""Danger Island"", a new reality show where six people have to survive on a deserted island in order to win two million dollars, but when a contestant is killed on the pilot episode V.I.P. are called in to investigate. Jeff Groom, a network executive, says that since the island is already pre-rigged with camera's they only send along two crew guys with digi-cams and the show's producer so Quick volunteers himself and Nikki. Once on the island however two contestant and the show's producer are killed and another contestant has his brains fried from the inside but he manages to survive. After Quick mentions one of the weapons used by the killer Kay hacks into some military files and discovers that the killer is a Major Ving Talbot, an army weapons designer who is believed dead, who claims that the army prematurely tested his prototypes and on their own men as well. Tasha and Johnny drop in to help and a battle with Talbot ensues. He decides to reveal h"
Season 2 - V.I.P.
Season 1 - V.I.P.