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Unexplained and Unexplored

Did the Maya Empire relocate to America? How did Merriweather Lewis really die? Where did the Ark of the Covenant end up after being smuggled out of Jerusalem? Explorers Justin Fornal and Emiliano Ruprah use historical maps as well as modern imaging techniques to examine these and other mysteries.

Genre: Reality-TV

Actor: Justin Fornal , Emiliano Ruprah


Country: USA

Duration: NA

Quality: HD

Release: 2019

IMDb: 7.6

Season 1 - Unexplained and Unexplored
"New evidence suggests the Maya civilization did not suddenly vanish, but instead, that they survived and resettled in the United States; experts use cutting-edge tech to reveal what really happened to these long-lost people."
"New clues taken from long-lost maps offer fresh leads in the hunt for the Ark of the Covenant, and using the latest hi-tech archaeological methods, experts retrace its steps through the Holy Land, Egypt, and Ethiopia to make a game-changing discovery."
"Meriwether Lewis was the man who teamed with William Clark to map the lands west of the Mississippi, but he died in mysterious circumstances; experts reveal a vast conspiracy that could prove that one of America's greatest explorers was murdered."
"New evidence suggests the Knights Templar fled Europe and rebuilt their warrior order in the Americas a century before Christopher Columbus; experts use technology to investigate long-lost relics to see if they confirm this game-changing theory."
"New discoveries at the site of an alleged long-lost gold mine could lead investigators to a 200-million-dollar payday, and using cutting-edge tech, experts investigate clues in long-lost maps and relics to recover the Lost Dutchman's treasure."
"A long-lost treasure map claims to know the whereabouts of missing ship buried with gold and silver in the California desert, and using cutting-edge tech, a team of experts use this new evidence to get closer to a game-changing discovery."