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An online community of amateur sleuths use technology to solve crimes -- and make quirky friends -- in their quest for justice.
Season 1 - Ultraviolet
"The police face criticism for working with the Violets after a new murder -- and a serial killer on the loose -- complicate the Hycel case."
"The Violets investigate a closed case after receiving a letter asking for assistance getting a convicted felon exonerated."
"Someone sends the Violets a video of a young man who ends up beaten in a cemetery just as the police respond to a call about a victim at a hospital."
"What appears to be a couple dying in a suicide pact ends up being more complicated, and Michał asks Ola for help as Regina uses herself as bait."
"After a journalist is killed in his own car, Ola's team looks into what he was investigating to uncover why he was targeted."
"Police dismiss video of a dead body as an online prank, but the Violets suspect that a popular augmented reality video game has turned lethal."
"A young girl is found wandering out of the woods, leading to the unraveling of a multi-layered mystery that puts Ola's life in danger."
"After Henryk's friend's son is blamed for a politically motivated explosion against an anti-immigrant leader, the Violets try to solve the case."
"When a technological genius is found boiled to death, a "smart house" named Alicja and a hacker named Piast help Ola with the mystery."
"Ola witnesses a body plunging from an overpass. When police rule it a suicide, she joins an online team of sleuths to try to solve the case."