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This Isn't Working

Determined to make it in Hollywood, Sarah bides her time between auditions by taking humiliating, soul-crushing temp jobs in order to scrape together enough money for rent and the occasional two-dollar bottles of wine.

Genre: Comedy

Actor: Lisa Schwartz , Morgan Krantz , Anna Akana , Connor Del Rio


Country: USA

Duration: 9 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 7.8

Season 1 - This Isn't Working
"Fed up by humiliating auditions, Sarah takes an office job. But compromising her dreams does not yield the benefits she'd hoped for when the new job turns out to be just as big of a nightmare."
"A focus group isn't typically a great first date, but the promise of $200 lures Sarah and Sam to sign up. Things take a turn for the weird when they discover it's a focus group for intimate couples. Rule of thumb: cocoa butter should not enter a relationship until at least the third date."
"Sarah takes a job as an assistant to a wealthy teenager. The nightmare continues when she accompanies her new boss to her old alma mater. It's not exactly the triumphant return she'd hoped for, but a paycheck is a paycheck... Right?"
"Sarah feels like a hypocrite taking a job in an anti-drug show for high school students. When she goes off-script, her real-life soliloquy might just scare the kids straight permanently."
"Aspiring actress Sarah takes jobs handing out virgin margarita samples to the grocery store hordes and "acting" for medical students. Meanwhile, her crush thinks she has The Clap. That's not the kind of applause she's looking for."