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The Selection: Special Operations Experiment

Pushing themselves to the limit, 30 civilians undergo extreme training and assessment exercises.

Duration: 45 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 5.4

Season 1 - The Selection: Special Operations Experiment
"The remaining candidates are forced onto an eight mile timed ruck march while carrying 50 lbs. on their back. Poor performance by one candidate attracts special attention, while another candidate reaches his mental breaking point."
"Instructor Bowen leads the group in a class on hand to hand combat training before all of the candidates must face off against each other. The group is then led to a swimming pool where the Navy SEALs put the remaining candidates through the most dangerous exercise yet–drown proofing."
"In a stealth and concealment exercise, the participants go out on the ultimate game of hide and seek, where they are tasked with camouflaging themselves in a hide-site to evade detection by the instructors. If “captured,” they will suffer unimaginable consequences as they experience the mental rigors of SERE training."
"The Instructors send the remaining 15 participants to rescue a “downed pilot,” an exercise designed to test the teamwork of the group as well as the leadership of a select few. The group also attempts to keep up with Instructor Haggerty as he leads the team on an unbelievable physical feat."
"Participants undergo Navy SEAL training in the Pacific Ocean, where they perform exercises in surf immersion, land portage and exposure to extreme cold."
"Series premiere of a reality-competition series in which 30 civilians are put through intense training by six Special Operations veterans."