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The Norm Show

The Norm Show is an American television sitcom that ran from 1999 through 2001 on the ABC television network.

Duration: 22 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1999

IMDb: 7.8

Season 3 - The Norm Show
"After being shocked Norm gains the ability to hear other men's thoughts and he uses it to his advantage when he finds out that an old boyfriend of Shelley's is trying to steal her away from him."
"Norm is hired as Mr. Sweeney's assistant and he then blackmails him to get the benefits back. A psychic tells Shelley that she and Norm will be married."
"Norm is freed from his community service early and a monkey attacks Danny."
"Norm and Laurie take care of an orphan from Cuba until he comes clean and tells them that he's not an orphan he just ran away from home."
"Norm and Laurie fake a relationship and it helps Laurie get a man while Norm discovers that Shelley is still in love with him. Mr. Denby is afraid to catch Danny's cold."
"When Shelley returns she sees that Norm is fat so he recounts the story that led to his vast weight gain."
"Mr. Denby and Danny go on a business trip and try to pick up women but have no luck. Norm uses Mr. Denby's apartment for a date and gets him evicted when the landlady finds out he has a dog so he has to move in with Laurie as well."
"Mr. Denby takes Norm to court for possession of the puppies that his dog Fifi had with Wiener Dog. Norm is thrown out when he can't pay the rent."
"After sleeping with Norm Taylor tells him that she's still in love with Danny but she doesn't want Norm to tell him. Norm tells him anyway and Danny suggests that Taylor and Shelley both date him at the same time. Mr. Denby complains to Laurie about the conditions in the men's room."
"Laurie teaches Mr. Denby how to dance. Danny tells Norm that he and Shelley are dating and Norm tries to find new friends to replace Danny and Shelley but then Taylor returns and Norm makes out with her."
"When Mr. Denby can't get Norm fired for invading his privacy he quits and Laurie is put in charge but she can't handle the work load so Norm gets Mr. Denby fired from his other job so he can come back to work. Danny tells Shelley he has feelings for her and wants to know if she has feelings for him and she responds by holding his hands."
"Norm confronts his father and his father has a heart attack. Laurie discovers that Norm's father is verbally abusive towards Norm because his father is the same way towards him. Mr. Denby thinks he and Shelley are dating because they attended the symphony and it makes Danny jealous."
"Norm agrees to go to group therapy and discovers that the reason he has problems with Mr. Denby is because he has issues with his father. Danny and Artie invest in a weight loss gadget but then discover the horrible side effects."
"Norm and Mr. Denby have to go to social workers school and they get kicked out when Mr. Denby tries cheating off of Norm. Danny and Shelly pretend to be the married couple who where Billy's previous foster parents so he can be adopted."
"Norm, Shelly, Laurie, Danny and Mr. Denby take in orphans while they can find a family who's willing to adopt all of them. They find a family that's willing to take them all but one because he has a criminal record."
"Norm plays tennis with Shelly and he starts to let her win when he finds out that winning turns her on. Artie seeks Laurie's help when he wants to lose weight."
"Norm starts dating an older woman and finds out that she's Dale's mom. Laurie and Dale break up because she wasn't mothering him and Danny finds out that he's related to Hitler."
"When Laurie starts dating a younger guy Norm tries his hand at dating a younger woman."
"Norm tries to get Laurie's lesbian friend to sleep with him but it doesn't work so he tries to get her to switch teams. Danny tries to cope with his break-up by cleaning."
"Norm has an after school study group and he takes them trick-or-treating but the rich won't give them candy so he goes to a Halloween party dressed up as a fireman to impress Shelley but it doesn't work because the fire department shows up after Mr. Denby, dressed up as Gene Simmons, accidentally sets fire to one of the bathroom stalls. Laurie is looking for a man but winds up getting hit on by a woman. Danny starts to date a new woman and he dresses her up to look like Taylor."
"When Norm causes a prison riot Mr. Denby has a law passed called the Norm law requiring social workers to be properly trained in the area of social work."
"Norm tries to discourage Taylor from being attracted to him but it doesn't work because she leaves Danny. Norm faces eviction."
"Someone in the office has a crush on Norm and Laurie finds out that it's Taylor. Danny wants to ask Taylor to marry him but when Norm finds out that Taylor's the one with the crush he tries to stop Danny from proposing but it's too late and Taylor already accepted."
"When Mr. Denby's job is on the line he threatens to be a tougher boss unless Norm starts showing him some respect and stops making fun of him. Laurie is dating an overacting soap opera star."
Season 2 - The Norm Show
Season 1 - The Norm Show