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The Listener

Toby Logan is a highly skilled paramedic with a secret – he can read minds. Toby never really knew his parents and grew up in foster care, this coupled with his secret, which he shares with no one, has made him a bit of a loner. Until now, Toby has kept his ability hidden, exploring its possibilities only with his long time mentor and confidante Dr. Ray Mercer.

Duration: 40 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2009

IMDb: 6.4

Season 5 - The Listener
"Becker's involvement in a criminal conspiracy sparks an investigation by Toby, Michelle and Dev."
"Toby goes under cover when he believes an innocent man is taking the fall for a murder."
"After being drugged, Toby is implicated in an armed kidnapping."
"While investigating the murder of a billionaire playboy, Toby's curiosities about his family arise."
"The team must find a treasure in order to solve the murder of a man responsible for a coin heist."
"A mayoral candidate is questioned for murder after Becker becomes interested in Toby's gift."
"The team investigates the murder of a cooking show contestant, poisoned on live television."
"Toby faces a mentally unstable suspect in the murder investigation of a psychiatrist."
"On the eve of his new video game release, Dev's former friend is murdered."
"While the team investigates a botched magic stunt that killed an investment guru, Becker’s scrutiny of Toby threatens to expose his secret."
"Toby and the IIB team investigate the abduction of a ballerina after Tia tips them to corruption at a dance company."
"A former IIB colleague returns and ends up jeopardizing the team's success."
"Toby and Dev investigate a serial killer who leaves live snakes with his victims, echoing the calling card of a past culprit who Michelle had previously put behind bars. Meanwhile, Michelle is trying to enjoy her maternity leave with her new baby girl and husband Adam but when her credibility is doubted with the suggestion that she may have arrested the wrong suspect, she must return to the IIB in order to save her professional reputation."
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