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The Island with Bear Grylls

Generations have wondered if they could survive being stranded on a desert island. But how would people cope if they had to do it, for real, and with only themselves to rely on? Adventurer Bear Grylls abandons 13 British men on a remote, uninhabited Pacific island for a month. They will be completely alone, filming themselves, and with only the clothes they're wearing and some basic tools. The island may look like paradise but behind the beaches it can be hell on earth. When stripped of all the luxuries and conveniences of 21st-century living, does modern British man still have the spirit and resources to survive?

Genre: Reality-TV , Reality

Actor: Bear Grylls


Country: UK

Duration: 45 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2014

IMDb: 6.9

Season 5 - The Island with Bear Grylls
"Bear Grylls arrives on the island eager to get the stories behind the castaways' class war and their often dubious survival strategies."
"Facing their last week of isolation, the two camps decide to settle their class issues and battle the high seas, in a joint bid to raft to the neighbouring island. Can they bury their differences before Bear arrives."
"After three weeks on the island, the castaways are malnourished. Still living at opposite ends of the same beach, the wealthy and less well-off teams finally put their differences aside in a joint hunting expedition."
"In search of much-needed food, Barnes decides to risk strong currents and riptides on a journey by raft to a nearby island. But the voyage has disastrous consequences."
"After a class war on the Pacific desert island, the wealthy and less well-off teams go their separate ways and set up two camps at opposite ends of the same beach."
"Bears drops the 16 castaways in caiman-infested mangroves and deep water. The two teams soon meet, and it quickly becomes clear that the island isn't their biggest challenge, at the prospect of living together kickstarts a class war."
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