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The DNA of Murder with Paul Holes

Paul Holes uses his years of experience with cutting-edge DNA technology to solve brutal murders across the United States.

Genre: Documentary , Crime

Actor: Paul Holes


Country: USA

Duration: 43 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2019

IMDb: 9.7

Season 1 - The DNA of Murder with Paul Holes
"In 2002, 27 year old, Tamekia Taylor, was murdered in her home as she dressed for a holiday party. Her crime scene resembles another Atlanta murder victim, Jennifer Clemmings, killed less than 2 months later. Paul Holes and Loni Coombs investigate."
"In Atlanta, a voicemail captures businesswoman Jennifer Clemmings’ last moments, along with the voice of her unidentified killer; Paul Holes and Loni Coombs are on the hunt to find the brutal murderer."
"Robert Cooper, contacted Al about a room for rent, but all he was really looking for was someone to kill."
"Paul Holes takes on one of his most puzzling cases yet when he investigates the murder of Oakey “Al” Kite. In 2004, a man using the alias, Robert Cooper, contacted Al about a room for rent, but all he was really looking for was someone to kill."
"Paul Holes and criminal behavioral analyst, Laura Richards, journey to Butte, MT to tackle the 1994 murder of Julianne Stallman who was killed after a violent encounter. A long list of close personal relationships adds up to an elaborate whodunnit."
"Paul Holes and Yolanda McClary take on the unsolved murder of Sarah DeLeon, a young woman brutally stabbed to death on her way home from her boyfriend's house."
"Paul Holes and Loni Coombs investigate the murder of Kay Wenal, wife of a millionaire businessman who has killed in her home in the middle of the afternoon. They attempt to determine if this was a financially motivated crime or if Kay has a secret life."
"Paul Holes and Yolanda McClary investigate a double homicide that's left a small town in Iowa spooked for nearly 40 years. His quest to bring justice to the families of Rose Burkert and Roger Atkison leads him to an unexpected discovery."