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The Alaska Triangle

The Alaska Triangle - has been home to so much unusual activity that it has struck fear across Alaska and the world.


Actor: Andrew Gough , Drew Patterson


Country: USA

Duration: NA

Quality: HD

Release: 2020

IMDb: 5.7

Season 1 - The Alaska Triangle
"Cryptozoologist Cliff Barackman hunts for scientific proof of Bigfoot in the remote Alaskan wilderness, and experts investigate a mysterious vortex of energy that may be behind unexplained disappearances and paranormal activity in the Alaska Triangle"
"An eyewitness shares startling video evidence of extraterrestrial activity in Fairbanks, Alaska, and a UFO hunter flies over Alaska's highest mountain in search of a secret underground alien base."
"One of the most-famous UFO cases of all time occurs in the skies above Alaska when an unidentified flying object chases down a Japanese cargo plane."
"Compelling evidence suggests extraterrestrials are hiding beneath the ocean's surface and Ghost ships drift within The Alaska Triangle."
"A paranormal investigator searches for answers to a mysterious shipwreck."
"Lost souls haunt an old hotel, and a shapeshifting menace stalks Alaskans."
"A violent spirit haunts a cabin, and giants may exist in Alaska."
"Cryptozoologist Cliff Barackman investigates reports of a sea monster in Alaska."
"Bigfoot hunters track down a terrifying beast in the Alaskan wilderness. Also, it is suggested that Woolly Mammoths may still roam remote areas in the state."
"Two hours after a Douglas C-54D airplane took off from Elmendorf Air Force Base on January 26, 1950, it disappeared without a trace. Experts investigate whether an inter-dimensional portal in the Alaska Triangle led to the disappearance of the plane carrying 44 military personnel."