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Suspicion takes the POV of an individual whose curiosity becomes their worst nightmare, as the sights and sounds of a 'normal' neighborhood or community, transform into terrifying glimpses of an unfolding horror story.

Genre: Documentary , Mystery , Crime

Actor: Rochelle Gadd


Country: UK

Duration: 43 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2015

IMDb: 6

Season 2 - Suspicion
"Utah mom Jennifer is sent on a journey of despair and discovery in the aftermath of her sister-in-law’s mysterious disappearance. Suspicion soon falls on the person Jennifer least expects - her own brother - and it's left to her to unearth the truth."
"When 16-year-old Skylar Neese vanishes overnight, her parents, Mary and Dave, are instantly sucked into a mysterious world of chaos, rumor and innuendo. But, only after a heart-rending 6 months, does the unimaginable and violent truth finally emerge."
"When Alan Simpson goes missing in April 1985, his mother Brenda is determined to find him. The last person to see him alive is his stepmother Rosalind, who claims he just vanished into thin air. But Brenda will stop at nothing to get to the truth."
"When Joe Gere hears of a serial killer on the loose, he immediately packs up his family and moves.  But even in their new home, he is vigilant, and teaches his kids to defend themselves.  But it's not long before he gets the call he's dreaded."