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Superbook, also known as Animated Parent and Child Theatre, is an anime television series initially produced by Tatsunoko Productions in Japan in conjunction with the Christian Broadcasting Network in the United States and more recently solely produced by CBN for global distribution and broadcast. The series chronicled the events of the Bible's Old and New Testaments in its 52 episode run. The first 26 episodes aired from October 1, 1981 to March 29, 1982. The series returned as Superbook II with 26 episodes to air from April 4, 1983 to September 26, 1983. Between both series in the first run was the companion series The Flying House. The Christian Broadcasting Network is currently producing a new Superbook series and has released fourteen episodes. The original series was broadcast on TV Tokyo, Fuji Television, and on various local stations across Japan, achieving good ratings during its broadcast run. The English version was aired on CBN Cable, and in syndication. It was previously seen on the Trinity Broadcasting Network, but is currently off the schedule.
Season 2 - Superbook
"The children find themselves in a country about to be invaded by the might Assyrian army. However, God intervenes and destroys the Assyrians. The children then return to the 20th Century."
"The children almost experience death when Queen Athaliah decides to kill her "rivals" for the throne, but eventually, the Queen is put to death and a just ruler is installed."
"The children experience the dedication of the temple and King Solomon's great wisdom."
"David, who has an opportunity to take Saul's life, spares Saul. Finally, David is proclaimed King of Israel after Saul dies in battle."
"The children witness Saul's jealousy and hatred for David. Saul is determined to kill David, so David flees."
"The children witness the battle between David and Goliath, where the future of Israel as a nation rests upon the outcome."
"The time-travelers meet a young boy named David, who skillfully uses musical instruments and weapons."
"The time-travelers nearly become involved in a war, and Israel demands that a king be established."
"The children witness the story of Eli and Samuel in the city of Shiloh."
"The time-travelers are in ancient Israel when Israel is in a state of war, led by a great but rash general names Jephthah."
"In this action-filled episode, the Israelites defeat an invading Canaanite army who gets trapped in the mud."
"The children witness Ehud's overthrow of King Eglon of Moab. A rebellion has erupted and the Israelites are fighting for their freedom"
"The time-travelers witness how Othniel conquers the Canaanite city of Debir because Caleb promised a daughter as a reward."
"The children experience a complaining group of Israelites, who are punished with poisonous snakes. But finally after 40 years, Israel begins to rally round Joshua, their new leaders."
"The children witness how the Red Sea parted to provide the Israelites an escape from the Egyptians, and how the closing of the parted sea downs the Egyptian army."
"The time-travelers experience the many plagues sent upon Egypt to punish Pharaoh for not releasing the enslaved Israelites."
"The children witness Moses at the burning bush and Moses' demands to Pharaoh to let the Israelites out of bondage and out of Egypt."
"The children witness how Egypt no longer welcomes the children of Israel, and how the Israelites are now enslaved and treated brutally. A young man names Moses is coming forth to change things."
"The children experience how Joseph tests his brothers to determine whether they are repentant about selling Joseph into slavery years earlier."
"The time-travelers witness how Joseph, governor of Egypt, successfully deals with famine in Egypt. Also, they witness how Joseph will deal with his lost brothers who came to Egypt for grain."
"The children travel to Pharaoh's palace in ancient Egypt where they see Joseph thrown into prison unjustly, only to later be released and given a high position of honor as governor."
"The children witness the story of Jacob and his beloved son, Joseph, and how Joseph's jealous brothers sell Joseph into slavery in Egypt."
"The children travel to the Mesopotamian city of Nahor, where they witness a group of people seeking a suitable wife for Abraham's son, Isaac."
"The children again come across Abraham, Sarah, and a newly arrived son, named Isaac. Later, the children witness Abraham's nearly attempted sacrifice of Isaac."
"The time-travelers come across the city of Sodom, which is about to be destroyed because of its wickedness."
"When Superbook falls onto a computer keyboard, Ruffles, a dog, is accidentally transported back into the ancient time of Abram, the patriarch."
Season 1 - Superbook