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Spooksville is an action/adventure live action TV series that aired on The Hub beginning October 26, 2013. The show was produced by Jane Startz, who also produced Tuck Everlasting and Ella Enchanted and was written for TV by James Krieg. The show was not renewed for a second season.

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2013

IMDb: 6.7

Season 1 - Spooksville
"Adam wakes up in another reality where he's the captain of the football team, Ann is his girlfriend, Watch and Sally are anything but his friends, and Madeline Templeton is his therapist."
"As they flee Moorpark and his monsters into the mountains, Adam and Laurel learn more about the mystery of Laurel's disappearance -- and it's not good."
"Adam and Watch get trapped in The Mayor's head -- quite literally -- when they chase him down to find out why he warned off Laurel a few weeks ago."
"Watch discovers Victor Frankenstein's monster and brings him back to life, though where the bully at school is concerned, he finds it's best to fight his own battles."
"Sally's parents go on an overnight antiquing getaway, leaving her home alone with a bunch of silent, stalking garden gnomes."
"Adam and Watch go on a father-and-son camping trip in the woods with George and Officer Dugan and encounter a strange, furry beast with legendary big feet."
"When Sally and Watch become vampires, Adam allies with a very surprising former vampire hunter to save his friends and the school from a clever 500-year-old bloodsucker."
"Watch gets his tonsils out. He wants to keep them in a jar - until they get up and walk away."
"At an old abandoned logging camp, a field trip goes awry with the help of spooky fog and the ghost of a girl who was lost in the '80s."
"Mr. Chloro, the kids' biology teacher, starts acting very strange after an encounter in the woods with a funky flower."
"Sally encounters a "snob-eating crustacean" at the Springville Yacht Club."
"A spell to reunite Adam with his mom instead transports the kids into a parallel Spooksville in another realm, where zombies and Ninja reign."
"Watch meets a cute girl who shares his geeky love of science, but what are her real motives?"
"A nasty cat trades places with Sally and is revealed to be someone from the Templeton family's past."
"While out on a hike, the three kids find a crystal that grants wishes."
"Sally is infected with the "fire inside" sickness after she's scratched in gym class."
"Sally is spooked by the "fear eater," which stalks her from her bedroom closet."
"Adam traces the path of his lost mom to a dangerous, sealed-off cave."
"Adam, Watch and Sally investigate a ghostly figure at a lighthouse where a little boy disappeared."
"While trick-or-treating, Adam, Watch and Sally encounter a house with a carnival of costumed characters that seems to be in another dimension."
"Teenager Adam Freeman and his dad move to a new town, Springville, which Adam quickly learns the locals refer to as "Spooksville.""