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Solsidan is a Swedish television comedy series that premiered on 29 January 2010 on TV4. The series is named after a small part of Saltsjöbaden called Solsidan. It revolves around Alex and Anna who are expecting their first child and have just moved to Alex's childhood home in Saltsjöbaden, Stockholm County. Alex tries to get Anna to enjoy herself, and at the same time spend time with his childhood friend Fredde. Ten episodes were scheduled to air in the first season. A second ten-episode season premiered 16 January 2011.

Duration: 23 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2010

IMDb: 6.7

Season 5 - Solsidan
"Anna meets a difficult neighbor who makes her want to move to Södermalm. Alex fights and Fredde gives him an advice that has unexpected consequences. The girl finds out what happened at Fredde's class meeting, which leads to a crisis."
"There are reunions with Alex's, Fredde's, Ove's and Anette's old class and it's eighties theme. Alex wants to go but Fredde refuses, he only has bad memories of that time. But when he learns that Mickan was dating when they were trial-separated, he changed his mind."
"Mickan and Lussan start arguing about who really is the CEO of the beauty salon and their only employee, Sappe, is drawn into the power struggle. Fredde gets rid of a very important person. Anna wants to whiten her teeth but Alex refuses to help her so she decides to do it secretly."
"Anna has been given a role in a police department and makes study visits to real police officers where her prejudices are quickly put on end. Alex is taught by a busy man at the recycling station. In an attempt to find back to each other, Fredde and Mickan try out role play."
"Anna's parents start with home sales of a health product and they ask Anna for help. Alex tries to avoid being chosen as contact parents at Wilma's preschool which is not so easy. Lussan tries to get the Mickan on a double date."
"Fredde is going on a business trip in Norway and gets an unexpected travel companion by Ove. Alex gets into a conflict with a man stealing his parking lot. Anna takes care of Anette who feels alone when Ove is away."
"Fredde tries to get Mickan to stop questioning their relationship by suggesting that they may go different ways. Anna has been given the chance to test film for a main role in a police commission and despite the fact that the script is vile, do not want to say no when she finally got an offer."
"Anna and Alex dream of a summer house but they cannot afford it. They can borrow their villa but the problem is a large oak that obscures the lake view and pulls down the value."
"Alex gets into trouble when hiring a dental assistant because the most competent one is too good looking and it makes him choose another candidate. Mickan takes Fredde to party therapy when she learns that he has tried to stop her company. Anna is struggling with her parents who give Wilma too much candy."
"Mickan is tired of life as a housewife and opens a beauty salon. Fredde worries that it is the beginning of the end of their perfect life. At the same time, Alex and Anna Wilma's birthday are planning and Anna decides to act as a clown, something that makes Alex anxious."
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