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Relu is a family man. He has two children, a wife and a double life. Seen through the eyes of his family, Relu Oncescu appears to be an ordinary taxi driver. No one suspects that Relu works as a collector for Capitanu', a local mobster. Neither of the two worlds (his family and the mafia) knows of the other's existence. Relu manages to keep everything under control, but not for long. After accidentally killing a man, he tries to get out of the underworld, but he can't find his way back. Day by day, the secrets he keeps become increasingly oppressive and the lies begin to surface, one by one.
Season 1 - Shadows
"After striking a deal with Toma, Relu makes arrangements to send his family to the countryside and cut ties with the Captain for good – but a surprise announcement from Magda and Teddy puts a wrench in his plans. Season finale."
"Puiu’s stunt lands him on the Captain’s blacklist, leaving Relu with a near-impossible task: return the stolen cash and produce the thief, or his wife and children will pay the price. With Nico’s help, Relu plots a dangerous heist to settle the score with the Captain."
"In the wake of a botched job, the Captain looks for a scapegoat, and Relu attempts to retire from crime. Back at home, Gina considers giving Relu a second chance after he takes charge during a disciplinary meeting at Chuckie’s school. Puiu pulls a disappearing act that threatens the safety of the entire Oncescu family."
"Relu hits rock-bottom when Gina kicks him out of the house. Following the Captain’s foreboding orders, a down-and-out Relu pays a high-stakes visit to a senator in Constanța. Meanwhile, Teddy and Puiu scour the streets for the elusive doctor after he threatens Gina."
"A suspicious Gina follows Relu on his way to work. Later, Relu must intervene when Tănase, a crooked cop on the Captain’s payroll, arranges a meeting to deal arms to a Turkish gang, and Gina finds out what her husband really does for a living."
"The Captain arranges a meeting to plot a major operation with Toma, who may be the only man in Bucharest he fears. After Relu fails to collect a debt from a slippery doctor, Nico gives him a second chance and sends Sabin to ensure they finish the job. Along the way, Relu warns Teddy to stay away from his daughter Magda."
"When Nico, the Captain’s right-hand woman, sends Relu to recover a group of prostitutes who have been kidnapped on the boss’ watch, Relu is forced to take Teddy along for the ride. While the Captain’s son proves to be more helpful than Relu anticipated, his company poses a great risk. Meanwhile, Relu’s wife Gina gets to know their neighbor, Codrin."
"When a routine job goes awry, Relu – a taxi driver who makes his real living as a debt collector for local mafia boss the Captain – is brought even deeper into a dangerous underground business that forces him to live a double life and keep secrets from his family."