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Petticoat Junction

Petticoat Junction is an American situation comedy. The series is one of three interrelated shows about rural characters created by Paul Henning. The characters "seem" to go to Hooterville for some goods and services, including high school and the hospital, but prefer Pixley for supermarket shopping, beauty parlors, and movies. The petticoat of the title is an old-fashioned garment once worn under a woman's skirt. The opening titles of the series featured a display of petticoats hanging on the side of the railway's water tower where the three originally teenage daughters are apparently bathing in the nude or skinny-dipping. In fact, the show's opening theme contains a hint of sexual innuendo in the line, "Lotsa curves, you bet, and even more when you get to the Junction." This is an obvious double entendre referring to both the train tracks and the Bradley daughters. However, as Linda Kaye states on the official season one DVD set, the name of the town Hooterville was not a reference to the slang term "hooters" meaning breasts, because that term was unheard of in the 1960s.

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1963

IMDb: 5.4

Season 7 - Petticoat Junction
"The Bradley's are shaken by the news that a handsome and wealthy male doctor is coming to visit their own Dr. Janet Craig, with intentions of offering her a place at his side at a new practice in Hawaii."
"Billie Jo tries to spread love through the valley with a new theory of sensitivity training."
"Floyd retires, leaving Uncle Joe to take over the duties of running the Cannonball, once again. His strict schedule-keeping is the least of the valley's worries, as the C&FW Railroad is planning to scrap the train for a tax write-off!"
"Selma Plout tries to slap a lawsuit against Uncle Jo for a whiplash injury suffered in a fall from a hammock."
"It becomes a tragic matter when it appears that Steve and Betty Jo's honeymoon cottage will be demolished for a new highway."
"Bille Jo returns from Chicago with a visionary zeal for the women's liberation movement, and enlists her sisters in ""the cause."""
"Steve's Uncle George visits the Shady Rest hotel and lives up to his repulation as a troublemaker."
"Shy Orrin Pike becomes a big man when an old deed indicates he is the legal owner of the entire Hooterville Valley."
"Orrin Pike is osserved buying a ring, and the family jumps to the conclusion that he's going to propose to Bobbie Jo."
"Selme Plout's scheme to snag a husband for her daughter almost forces Steve out of the crop-dusting business."
"Bobbie Jo attempts to soften up Billie's Jo's new boyfriend for marriage."
"An industrialist registers at the Shady Rest and offers Uncle Joe a chance to make a fortune."
"Uncle Joe discovers that the 75th anniversary of the railroad between Hooterville & Pixley is approaching, and seeks to take control of the ceremony."
"Uncle Joe tries to get rid of the pet chimp who is gradually wrecking the Shady Rest hotel."
"Baby Kathy Jo almost misses her ffirst birthday party when she lands in jail with Uncle Joe."
"Bobby Jo's boyfriend Orrin finally manages to make friends with Uncle Joe when he rescues the old fellow from a hungry bear."
"Bickering over sharing a bathroom with Uncle Joe leads to Steve & Betty Jo considering moving out. They haven't much luck with Mr. Haney's realty choices, and Haney isn't much help either in helping Joe install a new bathroom at the hotel."
"Dr. Craig mobilizes an effort to inoculate the whole valley with flu shots, but a hillbilly family with a stubborn patriarch threatens to ruin her plans."
"When a glamorous author, with her eyes on Steve, moves into the Shady Rest hotel to write a novel, the girls work overtime to find a way to get her to leave."
"An unknown singer tries to smuggle an adorable Vietnamese orphan into the United States by bringing her to Hooterville."
"Sparks fly when the three Bradley sisters and Dr. Craig find themself competitors in a beauty contest."
"Two rough motorcyclists,suspected of poaching, are too many and too tough for Game Warren Orrin Pike to capture."
"Betty Jo finds herself growing jealous of the attention Steve is giving to their daughter, so the pair go on a second honeymoon together, at their old cottage. But the couple's romantic mood is spoiled by a lack of electricity, Mr. Haney's intrusive realty service, and a bunch of hobos."
"Uncle Joe, caught with too many fish in his possessions by Game Warden Orrin Pike, is threatened with a jail sentence."
"The dog suddenly becomes a second-class citizen at the Shady Rest hotel when Steve and Betty Jo and Betty Jo move in."
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