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Outlaw Star

Outlaw Star follows the outlaw Gene Starwind and his eleven year-old business associate, Jim Hawking. Together they run a small jack-of-all-trades business on the backwater planet Sentinel III. After the two take a job as bodyguards for a mysterious outlaw, they find themselves the owners of the XGP15A-II, a highly advanced prototype spacecraft, and the caretakers of a bio-android named Melfina, The series follows the exploits of the slowly growing ragtag crew.
Season 1 - Outlaw Star
"Gene confronts Hanzanko in the vault of the Leyline, mysteries are answers, wishes are granted and the eventual showdown commences in the final episode of Outlaw Star."
"After being hit by the transporting light. The OS crew, The Macdoguals, Gwen Khan, and the Antens have all been separated and stuck in different parts of the strange land. The voice tells them there is only one path and each soon start to move forward. Pretty soon each of the OS crew run into the remaining Antens and face off, successfully taking them down though Aisha and Suzuka get knocked out. While all this is going on. Harry reaches Mel first and consoles her however Hanzanko interrupts the moment. Harry tries to battle him but horribly gets knock down, afterwards the Anten leader explains to Melfina her purpose (key to opening the Leyline) before putting her into stand by and entering the vault. A little while later Gwen reaches the vault to find Ron there, crying over his broken brother. When Gwen approaches, Ron angrily blames him for everything. Gene soon arrives directing Ron's anger toward him and tries to blast him with a caster. But Gene uses his ""special"" caster shell to"
"And it all comes to this: The Outlaw Star has finally reached the Galactic Leyline however their not the first ones there. The Antens are already at the site guarding it fiercely. Some skillful piloting on Gene's part, weapons from Jim, and help from the Ctral Ctral empire ship (Aisha gave her folks the location, traitor.) allow the group to reach the entrance followed closely by the still revenge seeking MacDoguls (with Gwen Khan) and pretty soon the Antens. After getting through a high pitch sound trap, fighting off the Antens, and finding a pathway thanks to Melfina. The OS crew reaches the heart of the Leyline. The group then has to get out and hoof it for awhile before reaching a dead end. Their about to turn back when a bright light covers then transports them to another section of the Leyline. And unfortunately right in between their worst enemies. Before anything can get messy, a voice calls out to Mel asking why she has returned then transports her somewhere. The voice tells"
"The crew stop at Planet Tenrei, a place famous for it hot springs resorts. While Jim, Mel, Aishi, and Suzuka relax, Gene goes hunting for two wizards for some casters for his gun. He eventually finds them but must do a favor by getting them (dirty) pictures of a woman named Urt who rivals them in business. After falling for a couple of traps, Gene reaches the mountain that houses the wizard woman. Urt gives him a caster and a video to bring back to the two other wizards. Successful on his mission, the wizards fork over three more caster shells though they warn Gene that the casters can take the shooters life force when used. Then the three watch the video of Urt naked though they don't realize that it actually a bomb (the timer in the corner of the screen) until it blows up in their faces though the wizards seem satisfied. With the object of the quest obtained the OS continue to the Leyline though the three wizards wonder if Gene will bring disaster to the universe."
"The ep begins with Gene begin transported to prison compound in the middle of a barren planet, his sentence is life for assault and robbery. The catch to the place is that the gravity can get very heavy and keeps prisoners from escaping. Even worse is that it's run by a power mad prison warden controlling robots to keep the prison in check. Anybody who attempts to escape is killed on the spot by the robots. Gene ,going by the alias Curse Hawkwind, is to find Sayio Wong a man who knows where the location of the Leyline is. The mission isn't without it hardships however as Gene's recklessness gets him off on the wrong foot with Sayio, tasered constantly by the warden's robots, and beaten by some of Sayio's friends. Eventually he convinces Sayio to escape with him. They stage a fight to get them thrown into the punishment center (in which the gravity is almost unbearable) then derail the train thats transporting them there. From there they walk to hemisphere of the planet with the robots"
"The OS crew reach a planet where the origin of the Leyline is suppose to lay. After landing and finding the temple they begin to investigate. Right behind them are the MacDoguls, pretty sore after their last defeat and still seeking revenge. While the groups resting separately Gene admits to Suzuka that he doesn't know if he can keep the promise he made to Mel awhile back though the assian convinces him otherwise. Outside Mel sings her them song which attracts Harry to her. Once again he asks her, in a more non violent fashion, to join him but Mel declines remembering the promise Gene made her. Gene shows up between their meeting and both MacDoguls attack the OS crew (Harry/Gene and Ron/everybody else). Gene able to defeat Harry before a earthquake stops everything and causes the crew to make a hasty departure but not before Gene asks Mel if she still wants to come with them, to which she says yes. A little later, the crew stop in a station to regroup when Gwen Khan messages them. He"
"On they're way to the Leyline. The Outlaw Star run into another pirate ship which almost defeats them due to the fact that the pirate's grappler's arms detact and attack them separately making it three against one. The group narrowly escapes and stops a nearby station to fix the damages. While resting there Jim runs into a girl dancing in the park, the two notice each other and hit it off well. The girl introduces herself as Hamnio and her two cats Kemy and Mata. After some talking the two decide to meet again the next day. During that time Jim tries to get some advice from Gene but only gets made fun of (cruel Gene, shame on you). Jim and Hamnio meet again and once again things go well, the two plan to meet once more. However as we see Hamnio run off to her ship. We find that its the one that attacked the OS at the beginning, Hamnio part of the Anten (of course if you read ep. 15 you already knew that ;)). Back with the rest of the crew, the repairs to the ship are fixed and their rea"
"The group run into trouble with the military police who suspects them of being pirates. While Gene has to put up with the tough alien official named Droz. The pirates they were fighting earlier launch a trap within MP's base! Can our heroes escape and help out the under siege base in between?"
"Gene and crew are called back to Haiphong by Fred Lou who has a favor to ask of Gene, it seems that Fred is supposed to get married, and the Lou family tradition is that the women they marry must be strong in spirit. The girl Fred is supposed to marry does want to marry him. But he is not ready to marry her. In fact Fred made a deal with her that if she wins the ""Strongest Woman in the Universe"" title five times, he would marry her. And she has won four times in a row, which means one more win and Fred is as good as hitched. Fred Begs Gene to do what ever he can, just as long as he stops her from winning a fifth time. Fred asks Suzuka and Aisha but Suzuka is not interested and Aisha can't fight because of a past disaster involving a Ctral Ctral fighter. Which forces Gene to enter the contest himself as ""Jenny"" he gets his butt kicked in the first round. But luckily Aisha, offended that she can't fight, kidnaps one of the other fighters and takes her place. However she not the only Ctra"
"The Macdogull Bros are back and looking to get revenge on Gene they set a trap for him(see ep 12). Meanwhile, Melfina is starting to have doubts that Gene will keep his promise and find her past. Gene and Jim receive a call for a job though the person that hiring them acts very shady least until he mentions the Galactic Leyline. At the restaurant where they meet, the job turns out to be an offer to sell Mel and the Outlaw Star, the person demanding being Ron Macdogull, The older brother. He tell Gene what the XGP purpose to find the Leyline and Mel is the key to doing so. When Ron doesn't reveal any more info Gene goes on the attack with Suzka and Aisha in tow. Back with Starwind and Hawking, Harry pays Mel a visit to take her away. Mel refuses and gets knock out though she wake up when they arrive at the OS's port and is able to escape into the ship. Back at the fight Ron reveals he too has a caster putting both he and Gene at a stalemate. Gene puts two and two together and realizes"
"A old man hires Gene for a salvage mission to an underwater planet where a ship full of dragonite (space variation of gold I guess) has sunken. Along with Jim, Mel and Aisha. The crew take the challenge however something big is guarding the treasure and a personal vendetta from the old man also plays a part in this undersea adventure."
"The group of pirates known as the Anten Seven have suddenly express a concern after a number of their men have been killed, the perpetrator being none other then Gene Starwind. Seeing him as a threat they send one of their top assassins to deal with him. On Heiphong, the group is taking a short rest and talking financial trouble (as usual) when somebody calls Gene out. A man in a short trenchcoat whos call himself Shimi challenges Gene to a duel and proves his skill by getting the drop on Gene first before he can pull his gun out. Impressed, Gene accepts. Later while out for a drink he meets a man named Leilong and the two talk for a a bit where Leilong reveals a bit of his past though only vaguely before leaving. The next day Gene duels Shimi at his location and wins only to find out he was a decoy. The real Shimi or ""Leilong"" appears and takes him on, easily beating him. Jim, Aisha, and Suzaka try to save Gene but only result in getting killed! Seeing Gene too wounded to fight fully,"
"Having no choice but to accept a ""tugboat"" job at the end of the last episode. Gene, Jim and Mel go out to retrieve a advertisement satellite only to find its a bomb planted by terrorists and it heading toward Heiphong surface! While the trio trade wits with the mastermind and work frantically to disarm the thing. Aisha and Suzaka investigate the real motive behind the leader ""CrackerJack""."
"Gene and Jim set up shop in Heiphong to make some money but all they get are small jobs which barely pay anything. Fed up with Gene's pickiness Jim, along with Mel, decide to do a job from Fred Lou without him. Aisha also gets a job herself while Gene goes out on a date with the planner of the space race. Strangely enough all these events soon come together when a giant bug and a alien cactus get into the mix."
"The ep begins with the Outlaw Star reaching a asteroid field named Leon Lagrandge, the rendezvous point where their suppose to meet the El Dorado. Seem that message Gene received at the end of the last episode was from Harry MacDougal issuing a challenge which Gene accepts. Before blasting off to meet him, Aisha decides to join as its the only way she can finds info on the Leyline and go back home. Also the group has their first encounter with Gwen Khan (the scientist who help make the XGP) whose mutterings they can't understand. Back to the asteroid field, the crew sees no signs of the El Dorado lest until missiles start bombarding them! A trap! The OS tries to fight back but the enemy keeps run-and-gunning before they can get a lock on. A argument between him and Ashia gives Gene an idea. He places Aisha outside on a asteroid as a lookout, allowing her to see their ship as well as their trick, they were using two El Dorados all along! With the real ship in sight, the Outlaw Star and"
"The Outlaw Star is headed for the first checkpoint which is about to be swallowed up by a metal wave. With no other choice but to go forward, Gene increases the speed and barely makes it past. Afterwards the crew stops in a station to grab something to eat. And who just happens to be there but Harry MacDougal (going by Williams for the race though). Gene questions him about the Leyline and gets rough when Harry denies knowing about it till the officials break him up. Gene leaves him knowing that the MacDougals can't ignore him now. Our heroes continue the race, reaching the next checkpoint in a asteroid field but also help a stranded racer who turns out to be Aisha! It was a trick! (the ship she was traveling on faked a emergency call to lure them). Aisha invites herself on board when Gene tells her the MacDougals might know something about the Leyline. Afterward the OS exits out of the asteroid field and prepares to go into Sub-Ether (light speed). But a sneak attack by the El Dorado"
"The group reaches Heiphong where Gene immediately sighs up for the Space Race (with Fred Lou sponsoring him under the condition that if he wins they have to wear some very fruity jumpsuits.) After which, Suzuka leaves the crew for the time being. The rest of the OS plans a route for the race. Later Gene and Jim check out the pre-race party and run into Aisha again. Luckily for the boys, she on the job catering and dragged away before doing anything rash. Meanwhile Mel tries to find info on herself through the computer bank but to no avail. The next day,the race has began and our heroes continue planning while they wait for their turn to start. Unknowest to them, Aisha is also in he race hoping a ride in a Ctral Ctral cruiser. During the wait Gene sees the MacDougals ship, El Dorado, starting out and almost blasts off to ram them but is stopped by Jim and the officials, he decides to wait it out. Eventually our heroes are given the go ahead and are off. Everything goes smoothly till the"
"Basically a day in the life of OS crew. Gene and Jim get into a argument on how to run the ship (and moreover Gene's carelessness). To show his worth Gene has the ship stop off at a station called the Toward Stars Inn, where he and Jim go after a bounty worth 1,000 wongs. They find the guy and dispatch of him only to find hes an android filling in for the original. Though they only get paid half the money, it's Suzuka who walks away with the full sum. On the way back to the ship, Gene spots a monitor broadcasting a upcoming space race and one of the participants competing is no other then the Mcdougal's ship! DA DA DUMMM! :p END"
"Picking up from the last episode, Gene been poisoned and the OS crew (plus Suzuka) are trying find a way to help him. Matters aren't helped when the pirates call and try to negotiate the XGP for the antidote. Finally Mel takes a chance by using her navigation chamber to heal Gene. At the same time the pirates attack and try to take the ship by force. They almost get through but Gene is cured in time to take them out with a little help from Suzuka. Afterward he decides it's time to leave Sentinal 3 once and for all. Against the commands of the the control tower, the group blast off right then and there. They are successful in reaching space but once again find leftover pirates to fight. In a amazing battle using the grappling arms and teamwork, our heroes receive there first victory as well as a new crew member in Twilight Suzuka. With that the group heads to their next destination, Heiphong. End"
"The OS crew begin their life working with the ship and trying to finds ways to raise money for it as well as their slowly increasing debts. Trouble soon rears it ugly head when pirates attack both Gene and Mel. Suzuka, stopping by to settle what happened in the previous episode, saves Mel (claiming that it'll be a good way to put Gene in her debt). While back at the space port, Gene able to kill all but the lead pirate. He tries to get Gene to tell where Hilda is but our hero plays dumb until until the officials scare the pirate away but not before vowing to take back the XGP (Geez a lot of vowing going on here). Jim arrives back at the Starwind and Hawkings office, only to find it a wreak and Mel & Suzuka waiting for Gene. The group head back to the ship where they find Gene calmly working on the bridge. Suddenly he doubles over in pain. When Jim tries to help him up, he finds his hand covered in blood! Gene admits he didn't do a good job of covering it up before fainting and Jim scre"
"The group returns to Sentinal 3 where they visit Fred Lou, Gene's friend and weapons seller. While Gene looking for guns a cloaked woman enter Lou's office and takes out the guards soon revealing herself to be Twilight Suzuka, a famous and deadly assassin. Gene intervenes when she tries to kill Fred, but once he and his crew leave Lou's office. Suzuka confronts them outside. A chase ensure leading up to a duel outside the city. Gene able to subdue Suzuka by pulling off her shash which holds her kimono up and makes a deal with her on her pride: If she wants Lou she has to kill Gene first. Suzuka agrees and Gene leaves after giving back her shash and Bukuto (a wooden sword) which he also grabbed. Lou grateful for the rescue and give Gene a discount as a reward. Meanwhile, Suzuka vows to Gene that it isn't over. End"
"Gene and crew return to Blue Heaven and break the bad news to Swanzo and Mikey (Hilda's Friends from the second ep). After a bit of talking, Swanzo agrees to paint the Outlaw Star and give it a registration number for free as a payback to Hilda while Gene, Jim and Mel spend the day on the asteroid, but not before being warned that a Ctarl Ctarl was looking for them. After a short talk in their hotel room, the group go out to eat when their suddenly confronted by a cloaked figure asking about Hilda. It turns out to be none other then (surprise surprise) Aisha! She pesters them about Hilda and info on the Leyline, when Gene tells her he doesn't know anything, she attacks. A short chase ensures into an alley where Aisha tries to use her beast power with the help of the moon, only to pointed out by Jim that Blue Heaven doesn't have a moon. The group splits up (Gene with Mel of course) and are somehow able to escape her. Gene and Melfina take a break at park where Gene space phobia kicks in"
"After landing on the asteroid, our group moves inside to find a docking port and the object of their journey: The XGP! Inside the ship, the group meets the computer Gillum 2 and are registered as the ship's crew. They prepare to launch only to be attacked by the pirates once again. Hilda goes out to hold them off while Gene prepares the ship. A fight outside and inside the asteroid ensures only to be made more hectic when a unexpected attack by the MacDougalls, double crossing the pirates and settling a score with Hilda, pushes the asteroid as well as all the ships into then sun. Gene and co. get the XGP going and break their way out of the asteroid. One of the pirates try to attack it only to be destroy by the XGP's grappler arms. Hilda, still in her own ship, makes her way over to the XGP but the remaining pirates knock her away with a anchor and latch on to the XGP! With no choice, Hilda leaves Horus behind and use the anchor's wire to reach the XGP. Unfortunately, the girl pirate a"
"With a robot blocking there path, our heroes are in a pretty tight situation. Gene take out his blaster and fires...paint balls at the machine. With it's view askewed (no pun intended, Kevin Smith fans), the driver come out to deal with them only to get tasered by Hilda. After finding out some info on who sent them, Hilda decides its time to leave. The two round up Jim and Melfina and blast off only to be pursued by the same bunch of crooks in their spaceships. If that wasn't bad enough, a ship filled with Ctral Ctral (species of humanlike cat creatures), lead by Asiha Clan Clan, is in front them refusing to move since they claim to have the right of way. Hilda plays chicken with them and just barely manages to get past their ship and into sub-ether (a form of hyperdrive), leaving the crooks to be dealt with by Asiha. Gene takes the break in action to try to find out more about the LeiyLine, the MacDougal Bros. (the one who sent the crooks after them) and how its all involved from Hild"
"Taking place where the first ep left off, Gene and Jim try to figure out who the young girl (Melfina) in the suitcase is as well as try and get some answers out of Hilda when Mel goes through resesitation (some form of waking a android). Their talk is cut short by the arrival of the pirates. Jim and Hilda go for the spaceship while Gene holds off the pirates, Mel finally wakes up and all four of them get away into outer space. While in space we find out about Gene's phobia of space travel and a bit about his past (his father was killed by pirates). The group reaches Blue Heaven (a asteroid that doesn't allow guns) where they meet Hilda's friends and get Mel some real clothes. Gene and Hilda also run into a bit of trouble with some ruffians at a bar, who also try to attack them both again while their sleeping. As Gene and Hilda go out into the hall from their room, a robot blocks their path. Too humans against one robot with no guns, not looking too good for our heroes right now. End."
"The start of the show that introduces the character. A spaceship is fleeing from pirates and soon escapes them. On the planet Cenntinal Three, Gene and Jim, two do-anything business partners get a job bodyguarding a woman. Later that night, all three are attacked by the same pirates at the start of the episode and the woman (Hilda) is not all she appers to be. The trio is able to elude capture and hide out in a farm. Once there the woman tries to double-cross Gene but fails and is forced to open her cargo, a huge suitcase. Inside is a body of a young woman. End"