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The workplace sitcom "NewsRadio" explores the office politics and interpersonal relationships among the staff of WNYX NewsRadio, New York's #2 news radio station.

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1995

IMDb: 7.5

Season 5 - NewsRadio
"Jimmy returns to finalize the sale of the station and tries to persuade one staff member to relocate to New Hampshire with him."
"Mr. James announces that he's selling the station and retiring to New Hampshire. Dave believes it's a ploy. Lisa organizes a retirement party to convince Mr. James to stay."
"Jimmy and Matthew switch places for a day, with life altering results. Dave bans max from the breakroom."
"Dave vents aggression on the staff, threatening to fire someone. Matthew wears a padded suit to learn Joe's karate-like martial art, Joe-jitsu. Mr. James leads a crusade against Mother's Day."
"Max pretends to quit to hopefully get Beth to beg him to stay. When the ploy fails, Dave has to swallow his pride to get Max back. Lisa's new hyphenated last name, Miller-Johnson, irks both Joe and Matthew."
"Lisa gets married to Johnny, despite Dave's attempt to talk her out of it."
"The formerly evil Johnny Johnson returns to the station, now a homeless wino, to claim Lisa's hand in marriage. Lisa finds it hard to resist Johnny... despite his noxious odor."
"Lisa's new assistant turns Joe and Dave into rivals; Max complains about the lack of sofa in the men's room."
"Jimmy's fear of hippies causes him to blow a big deal; Max and Beth spoil Lisa's dog."
"Matthew's 30th birthday causes him to adopt the persona of an 18 year old. Lisa protests Jimmy's plan to build a 200 story skyscraper."
"Dave and Lisa fight for an apartment, which Max decides he wants; Joe and Beth ""fix-up"" the show's website."
"Dave fights to hang Joe and Beth's strange painting in the lobby; Matthew starts dressing like Lisa."
"Beth wants to start profit-sharing; Matthew thinks of abuse after undergoing hypnosis."
"Dave tries to tape a message for students at his alma matter; Lisa tries to cure her speech impediment."
"Jimmy is freed from prison, to realize that Johnny has stolen his empire."
"Lisa admits her attraction to Johnny; Dave must exploit their relationship to protect Jimmy."
"After a case of mistaken identity, Jimmy is sent to jail. His vice president, Johnny, takes over."
"Joe creates a ""smart drink"", with extreme results; Lisa becomes Max's confidante."
"Dave learns he has high blood pressure, causing Joe to install a sound machine. Matthew becomes motherly toward Max, after a conversation with Beth."
"It comes out that Max doctored his resume; Lisa goes undercover at a restaurant."
"Jon Lovitz joins the cast as Max Louis, hired because of a connection to Bill. The idea of ""Y2K"" wreaks havoc at the office."
"The news crew copes with the loss of their good friend, Bill, after he dies of a heart attack."
Season 4 - NewsRadio
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