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From amusement to awe, the nine human emotions of Indian aesthetic theory are explored in this anthology series.

Duration: 34 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2021

IMDb: 7

Season 1 - Navarasa
"Envious of his nephew's success in life, a discontented villager's simmering insecurity and resentment rear their ugly heads at a family wedding."
"Fixated on his radical theory on the human subconscious, a brilliant thinker realizes his ideas' potential, and risks, as he shares them with a friend."
"Invited back to his alma mater to speak, a popular actor takes the school's stage to recount his reckless, ridiculous antics as an unacademic teen."
"When a young man unleashes years of pent-up rage on a stranger who wronges his brother, the aftermath reveal layers of regret and resentment."