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Nash Bridges

Nash Bridges is an American television police drama created by Carlton Cuse. The show starred Don Johnson and Cheech Marin as two Inspectors with the San Francisco Police Department's Special Investigations Unit. The show ran for six seasons on CBS from March 29, 1996 to May 4, 2001 with a total of 122 episodes being produced. The show has aired in over 70 countries. It currently airs in the Middle East on MBC's newly launched Action block MBC Action, DR2 in Denmark, Crime & Investigation Network, WGN America, Universal HD in the United States, TV1 in Australia, 13th Street in The Netherlands and Universal Channel in Serbia.

Duration: 45 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1996

IMDb: 6.5

Season 1 - Nash Bridges
"Lisa witnesses a murder, but when Nash shows up to investigate there's no evidence of a crime, not even a body. Nash and Lisa team up ala ""Manhattan Murder Mystery"" to investigate."
"On the day that Nash plans to take a belated honeymoon to Hawaii with Kelly, a high priority police case unravels, putting him on the trail of the betting book of San Francisco's most notorious bookie and a renegade FBI officer who's #9 on the Most Wanted List."
"On the way to an undercover purchase of some heavy industrial equipment from some Russian gangsters, carrying $300,000 of the city's money, Inspector Harvey Leek vanishes. Has there been foul play? Or has Harvey pocketed the money? Nash Bridges has to find him before it's too late."
"Nash, while investigating an apparent gang killing, discovers that the weapon used for the job is the Army's newly missing man-portable, antitank system: The Javelin. Nash is assisted in the investigation by Sandra McCormick whoose career is on the line if the Javelin is not recovered."
"Nash Bridges and the SIU team respond to a bomb threat against Mayor Bobbie Werksman. In a tenement, they find the bomb, but accidently trigger the timer. Everyone rushes out in time as the bomb destroys the building. Nash is the last one to leave."
"As a result of a pension dispute, Joe Dominguez is forced to rejoin the force, and he and Nash track down a heroin dealer."
"A ruthless home invasion gang brutally attacks a Chinese family, killing the father. This is the seventh in a string of attacks. Nash and the SIU are confused since home invasions are a Vietnamese phenomenon and they rarely cross cultural or ethnic lines."
"Nash Bridges, an Inspector in the San Francisco Police Department Special Investigations Unit (SIU), poses as an undercover computer chip buyer to bust a ring that stole $2 million worth of chips. Along with Evan Cortez, his young new partner, they exchange phoney city money with Ferguson, who has the chips; but Ferguson gets away."