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Murder among friends

When a group of people get together and take it upon themselves to kill. It can happen for a litany of reasons. But nothing is quite the same as a group murder.

Genre: Documentary , Crime

Actor: Matt Riedy , Lawrence Moran , Jerreal Ricks-Simpson


Country: USA

Duration: 55 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 7.5

Season 2 - Murder among friends
"A pair of hikers discover a woman's body, leading some to suspect the victim's camping buddies of murder; digging deeper, detectives unearth a tale of rage-filled jealousy, unrequited love and a deadly predator."
"After a burned dead woman is found in a luxury car, detectives must navigate the darkest corners of the competitive fitness industry- shining a spotlight on a secret world of big muscles, bigger egos, and illicit love affairs."
"When a woman moves in with her boyfriend, she finds herself in unexpected competition for his affections. Soon, jealousy, deception, and the unconventional tenets of a cult-like faith conjoin- setting the stage for an Old Testament-tinged murder mystery."
"In Colorado, police check in on a married couple- and discover a grisly double murder. Worse, the couple's teenage grandson is nowhere to be found. Robbery is first suspected, but investigators dig deeper and uncover a much more sinister plot."
"When a small town girl is stabbed to death while housesitting, detectives must work to separate twisted fantasies from dead serious fact, in a case that blurs the line between movie horror and real life murder."
"When a young man is found slain in a cemetery, there are whispers his death was some kind of ritual sacrifice. Still, detectives aren't prepared for the black magic, satanic rituals, and psychic visions at the heart of this truly twisted murder."
"In Northern California, an anonymous tip leads detectives to a decaying corpse, buried at a mountain campsite; as police investigate their victim's past, they unveil a boisterous life of love, jealousy and one truly shocking secret."
"In Johnstown, NY, a young man's disrespectful behavior has his friends seeing red. The group plots to teach him a lesson, but things get horrifically out of hand- kicking off a murder mystery more intricate than any jigsaw puzzle."
"In the heart of Richmond, VA, a love triangle tears apart a group of gay girlfriends- and leads to brutal murder. Investigating this senseless and sadistic killing, detectives uncover a deadly plot fueled by lies, gossip, and a thirst for revenge."
"When firefighters extinguish a California brush fire, they unexpectedly ignite a twisted murder mystery- rife with forced prostitution, burning jealousy, and an almost unthinkable murder mastermind."
Season 1 - Murder among friends