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Man in a Suitcase

Man in a Suitcase is a 1967–1968 British television series produced by Lew Grade's ITC Entertainment. It originally aired in the United Kingdom on ITV from 27 September 1967, to 17 April 1968. ABC broadcast episodes of Man in a Suitcase in the United States from 3 May 1968, to 20 September 1968.

Genre: Drama , Thriller , Mystery , Crime , Action & Adventure

Actor: Richard Bradford


Country: UK

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1967

IMDb: 8.5

Season 1 - Man in a Suitcase
"McGill organises a raid on a fortified mansion in the Pyrenees - ostensibly to steal paintings. But his colleagues are unaware of his real motive..."
"A Senior Civil Servant's romantic entanglement with a vivacious adventuress brings McGill a delicate situation to resolve."
"When a wealthy woman hires McGill to bring her playboy husband to heel, McGill finds himself accused of murder - and faces the threat of the guillotine."
"Called to help an old friend, McGill investigates her story that she is being followed and her husband's claim that she's neurotic. Strange events make McGill wonder just who is playing a double game."
"Why should the people employing McGill deny all knowledge of him? Strange events occur when he finds himself involved in the drama of a political exile's campaign against the new rulers of his country."
"Why does dying Chester Farson, a multi-millionaire, refuse to see his daughter? And who is putting up a valuable family possession for auction? The worried daughter contacts McGill."
"A recently released crook goes in search of past gang members and his share of the loot. Murder and mayhem soon follow..."
"McGill tries to trace the origin of some compromising photographs - and a noted lawyer has to chose between his ideals and his reputation."
"McGill has the task of trying to fit pieces of a human jigsaw together."
"McGill takes on the unpleasant work of saboteur to infiltrate a company police force which has gained disapproval by its ruthless methods."
"A blind girl is the innocent victim of circumstances when present at a murder she cannot see."
"McGill takes on a strange assignment in East Germany - and finds himself back in the world of espionage."
"McGill is put on the case when a noted oceanographer disappears with secret information..."
"McGill is framed for murder after a small time private investigator has come to him for help. The only way to save himself is to find the killer."
"What is the truth about Father Loyola, a Jesuit priest in Africa? Is he geniune - or is he a crook? McGill faces one of his most difficult and disturbing cases."
"Henry Faversham, the English adviser to a Central American Republic's President, is accused of stealing the country's gold reserve. McGill is assigned to watch, record and report on Faversham - without becoming involved."
"McGill is tricked into arranging a meeting between two old comrades of the Spanish Civil War. One betrayed the other. But are they on opposing sides?"
"McGill encounters intrigue and lies when he is engaged to discover the truth behind a young man's attempted suicides."
"""The signora... find the signora"" The last words of a dying man present McGill with a puzzle - who is the signora?"
"Strange, terrifying events are shattering the calm of an English village in which McGill is making straightforward inquiries - inquiries which draw sullen resentment and suspician.."
"Police and private detectives fail to trace a village boy who has disappeared. McGill is called in to a kidnapping drama that involves two apparently unconnected people in an emotional crisis that changes the course of their lives."
"A beautiful painting can bring out the best in some, the worst in others. McGill encounters both types when he is asked to trace a missing masterpiece."
"Respectability, like civilisation, is only a veneer. There is always the dog beneath the skin. But why should three respectable businessmen be planning a murder?"
"McGill finds that an apparently straightforward case concerning a wealthy man's wayward daughter has a surprising and dangerous outcome."
"A man returns from the dead. He has been dead, officially, for six years, but in the dark labyrinths of international espionage, who knows the truth? The man from the past is Harry Thyssen - the man responsible for McGill's being what he is today - discredited, fired from Intelligence and found guilty without a trial."
"McGill has a tough journey to Lisbon in the company of a blackmailing crew. Even when he reaches the safe deposit - and the million dollars - his troubles are far from over.."
"A million dollars have been hidden away in a Lisbon bank. McGill is the only man with the key to the safe deposit, but he is not the only man after the money - there are certain governments interested too.."
"Who is - or was Mariocki? McGill waits in trepidation as the hours tick slowly to midnight when he will discover if persistant threats to kill him will be carried out."
"McGill is given the task of protecting a weakling crook,Rufus Blake, who is prepared to give evidence in court against his vicious brothers."
"Every man has his price. It is money for some - other things for others. For McGill, when an effort is made to brainwash him, it's suffering."