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Knight Fight

Welcome to the toughest, most violent armored combat competition in the world today. “Knight Fight” steps inside the world of the full-contact Armored Combat League — often referred to as “Medieval MMA” or “Knight Fight Club.” This blood sport is a full-contact armored combat league where modern-day warriors battle in over eighty pounds of plated armor with real steel weapons. Rooted in historical traditions, for the first time, these knights are set to wage war as each episode features six new fighters who customize era-specific armor, garb and weaponry and engage in numerous battle rounds to see who has the skill and strength to win the ultimate Knight Fight. Hosted and judged by WWE superstar Jay “Christian” Reso, the winner walks away with a championship title, $10,000 and a spot in the season finale for a chance to become the first ever “Knight Fight” champion.

Genre: Reality-TV , Reality

Actor: Kevin D. Benton , Jay Reso , John Clements , Andre Sinou



Duration: 42 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2019

IMDb: 6.1

Season 1 - Knight Fight
"Six modern-day warriors, experts in the techniques of armored combat, place both their skill and bodies on the line as they compete while armed with armor and weaponry of the past. These fighters must first battle through a six-man Grand Melee using their own weapons. The four who advance must work in the armory in preparation for a two-on-two fight, assembling armor and weaponry from the Scottish Wars of Independence, made famous in the movie “Braveheart.” The winning team must then adopt a daunting new weapon and go head-to-head in a final Duel that will test their limits. Which fighter will withstand the massive Maciejowski “Mac” Chopper, with its gargantuan size and toothed blade, to win $10,000 and be crowned Knight Fight Champion?"
"Six modern-day fighters, specialists in the techniques of armored combat, place both their expertise and bodies on the line as they compete while suited in armor and weaponry of the past. These competitors must first prove their prowess in a six-person Grand Melee using their own personal weapons–whether maces or longswords, axes and scimitars. Four fighters advance and are paired for the Team Melee where they must adopt and adapt to the implements of the Vikings and Byzantine armies of the 10th Century. The winning duo are each given a new imposing weapon, and must face off in a final one-on-one Duel, putting their combat skills to the supreme test. Will they be able to bear the weight of both the armor and the history? Will weapons like the deadly Viking War Mace crush their hopes of winning? Most importantly, which knight will triumph and win $10,000 and entrance into the season-ending Knight Fight Tournament Championship?"