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In Living Color

In Living Color is an American sketch comedy television series that originally ran on the Fox Network from April 15, 1990, to May 19, 1994. Brothers Keenen and Damon Wayans created, wrote and starred in the program. The show was produced by Ivory Way Productions in association with 20th Century Fox Television and was taped before a live studio audience at stage 7 at the Fox Television Center on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, California. The title of the series was inspired by the NBC announcement of broadcasts being presented "in living color" during the 1950s and 1960s, prior to mainstream color television. It also refers to the fact that most of the show's cast were black, unlike other sketch comedy shows such as Saturday Night Live whose casts are usually mostly white. Other members of the Wayans family—Kim, Shawn and Marlon—had regular roles, while brother Dwayne frequently appeared as an extra. The show also starred the previously unknown actor/comedians Jim Carrey, Jamie Foxx, and David Alan Grier. Additionally, actress Rosie Perez, Dancing with the Stars judge and choreographer Carrie Ann Inaba and dancer Jennifer Lopez were members of the show's dance troupe The Fly Girls. The series won the Emmy for Outstanding Variety, Music or Comedy Series in 1990.
Season 5 - In Living Color
"Sketches include: "Background Guy at the Haunted House," "The Champ: Back to School," "Prison Cable Network: Lights Out with the Angel," and "Ace and Main Man meet Salt-n-Pepa."/ To Be Continued performs "One on One""
"Sketches include: "Vista Commercial," "Wile E. Coyote's Mall Appearance," "Infomercial Awards," "All Up in the Family: Gay Barney," "Deronda and Pookie Play Party," and "B.S. Brothers: Gangsta Rappers." / Meshell Ndegeocello performs"
"Sketches include: Rap Masterpiece Theatre," "Candy Cane's Last Show," "Grandpa & Duke: A Time for Love," and "Family Dozens.""
"Sketches include: "Driving Down the Street" "Sweet Tooth Jones teaches martial arts to protect against sexual harassment" "Ed Bacon: Guidance Counselor" "Wanda meets Luther Vandross at a charity auction" / BOSS performs Progress of Elimination"
"Sketches include Rush And Al's Greatest Hits / Cheap Pete At The Carnival / Loomis Simmons / The Scary Larry Show / East Hollywood Squares / Souls of Mischief perform "93 'til Infinity"
"Sketches include Loomis Simmons / 66th Annual Academy Awards / Duke And Cornbread Turner / Cheap Pete / Umbilical Barry / Hemorrhoid Guy / Eazy-E performs"
"Sketches include Dr Kervorkian's Book / Thugs / I'm Gay / Sweet Tooth Jones / Great Moments In Black History / Simply Eve performs"
"Sketches include Risky Business II / Carl The Tooth Williams / Dirty Dozens Tournament Of Champions / San Fransisco"
"Sketchs include Mrs Ikefire / Dirty Dozens Home Game / East Hollywood Squares / Fire Marshall Bill / Backgound Guy"
"Sketches include The White League / Funky Finger Productions / Wanna Man / Ace And Main Man / Tonya Harding / Master Piece Theater"
"Sketches include Tonya Harding / Wanda / Hemorrhoid Guy / All Up In The Family / John Bobbit 6 Million Dollar Man"
"Sketches include Marlee Matlin / Cheap Pete / AWF's Main Event / East Hollywood Squares"
"Sketches include Background Guy / Gangsta Group / Sister Act 3 / Duke And Cornbread Turner / The Guy Who Knows Way Too May Specials"
"Sketches include Joe Jackson / Wheel Of Dozens / Mr Armstrong / Rhonda Hightower / Andy Rooney"
"Sketches include Mary Tyler Mo / Ace And Main Man / Irish Singer / Loomis Simmons / Geraldo / Patra performs "Think""
"Sketches include Sammy And Bill / Carl The Tooth Williams / Pavoroti / Vera Demilo / Black Menedez Brothers / Lorena Bobbit / Umbilical Barry / Us3 perform "Cantaloupe""
"Sketches include Background Guy / Wile E Coyote / Candy Cane / Go On Girl / Honey Mooners '93"
"Sketches include Rush And Al's / All Up In The Family / The Guy Who Know Way Too Many Specials / Wanda And Barry Bonds / East Hollywood Squares"
"Sketches include Wanda / AT&T / Sam Kinison - Live From Hell / Dr. Innapropriato / The Dirty Dozens / Lords of the Underground perform"
"Sketches include Wanda / Fire Marshall Bill / Circus Of The Black Stars / Carl The Tooth Williams / Magnifico / Leaders of the New School performs "What's Next""
"Sketches include Droop! There It Is / Andy Rooney / Rush And Al's / Background Guy / Cheap Pete"
"Sketches include L.A. Riot / NBA Harasser / Irish Singer / Wanda / Anorexic Sumo Wrestler / Rhonda Hightower / Jodeci"
"Sketches include Unpoetic Justice / Carl The Tooth Williams / Prison Cable Network / Funky Finger Productions"
"Sketches include Ike Turner And Hooch / Honey Mooners '93 / Snow / Cheap Pete / Ace And Main Man."
"Sketches include Micheal Jackson / The Dirty Dozens / Revival Olympics / Fire Marshall Bill / Ball Park Breast Implants."
"Sketches include Ike Strikes Back / Wanda / Sammy / Seinfeld - Ace And Main Man / Russell Simmons Def Strawberry Jam."
Season 4 - In Living Color
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