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I Know Who You Are

A lawyer suffering from amnesia due to an accident tries to piece together the events leading to it, with the help of his wife.

Duration: 70 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2017

IMDb: 5.6

Season 1 - I Know Who You Are
"We learn that Ana has indeed collected the 100,000 euros promised to her by Hector Castro. David is disappointed when Eva proves that she no longer trusts him and is determined to discover the identity of the mole. Alicia and Heredia attempt to convince Juan Elias that he should not take the amnesia test, but Juan is determined to get to the truth."
"Eleven days before she disappeared, Ana met with Alicia who informs her that she knows of her pregnancy, but Ana surprises Alicia by naming the father. Juan Elias is undergoing therapy to help him to regain his memory. Fulfilling his bargain, Juan takes Pol to visit his grandfather in prison where Pol learns a painful family secret. Marc Castro willingly undergoes a re-enactment of his last moments with Ana."
"Juan Elias continues to show the confusion associated with amnesia, but also continues to act suspiciously. A lead found at the scene of his accident takes him to a prison where he meets with his father-in-law Hector Castro who, as a price for his assistance in finding Ana, asks that Juan brings his grandson Pol to see him."
"Juan Elias finds a phone number in his office and rings it. Giralt and Hess are shown a video of Elias at the eve-of-election party in which he appears to be under the influence of drugs. Alicia resigns from the bench temporarily until her niece has been found."
"Aware that their previous relationship will compromise her ability to prosecute the case brought against Juan Elias by his brother-in-law Ramon Saura, Eva retreats to her grandmother's rural home. No-one is completely convinced of Juan's amnesia, including his partner Ricardo Heredia."
"An injured and disorientated man arrives on foot at a petrol station, claiming to have no memory of who he is or how he got there. In hospital he is visited by his wife, who informs him that he is a prestigious lawyer, but far more ominously, that their 22-year-old niece Ana is missing and that her blood has been found in his car."