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Extreme Love

Extreme Love stories of weird & wild relationships, proving there is someone for everyone.

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2018

IMDb: 4.7

Season 2 - Extreme Love
"Married duo heats up love life with BDSM play, but when they audition a sexy new love slave, will she pass their test? Plastic surgeon makes ‘perfect’ wife, but will it botch their relationship? Plus-sized woman & husband face ridicule."
"Joey and Missy plan a furry wedding, but things spiral out of control."
"Lovers live full time as kittens, but jealousy creates a cat fight; an exotic dancer reveals swinging lifestyle to her conservative family and is shocked by their reaction; a couple raises 50 dolls as their own children."
"Couple uses magic to enhance their sex life. Feeder couple is divided about adding a boyfriend after they get married."
"A married couple practices “hot-wifing” and exposes secrets to their sexy alternative lifestyle. A clown couple seeks a hot woman to join their love circus. A wife shares her husband with her boyfriend, who also has a girlfriend."
"Married cousins want a baby, outraging some relatives. A Grandma enjoys Tinder dates with much younger men. Woman in love with slime gets in a messy situation."
"Adult Baby Girl’s public tantrum gets her in trouble. Tiny Texie’s hot performance threatens her jealous girlfriend. A woman in love with a plane gets a special date with a Boeing 737."