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Chico and the Man

Chico and the Man is an American sitcom which ran on NBC for four seasons, from September 13, 1974, to July 21, 1978. It stars Jack Albertson as Ed Brown, the cantankerous owner of a run down garage in an East Los Angeles barrio, and Freddie Prinze as Chico Rodriguez, an upbeat, optimistic Chicano young man who comes in looking for a job. It was the first U.S. television series set in a Mexican-American neighborhood.

Genre: Comedy

Actor: Scatman Crothers , Jack Albertson , Della Reese , Charo , Freddie Prinze


Country: USA

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1974

IMDb: 6.2

Season 1 - Chico and the Man
"Everyone thinks that Ed had died, and when Ed finds out about it, he gets upset because nobody had cried for him when they heard the misleading news."
"Louie, who has retired, wants to spend his remaining years haning around the garage."
"Chico is carrying large amounts of cash and working strange hours."
"Ed would rather fix his aching shoulder himself than go to see a doctor."
"When his car acts up, Sammy Davis, Jr. pulls into the garage to get it fixed. However, he quickly learns that this is just no ordinary garage, with Sammy Davis, Jr. fans crawling out of the woodwork."
"A widowed baker buys a bakery in the area and has her dibbs on Ed."
"Ed tries to snap Chico out of falling in love with and spending too much on a woman he has fallen in love with."
"Harold, a cheating husband counts on Ed to cover for him on his wild nights out."
"Ed is determined to go to court to testify on a car accident that he may have witnessed with his eye problem."
"An inspecor inspects Ed's garage and when he find a pile of junk in front of an emergency exit, he issues an ultimatum...Either he gets rid of the junk, or he gets a hefty fine. Ed then decides to profit from the ultimatum by having a garage sale."
"A car is towed into Ed's garage and when this man comes to the garage, it turns out that this man was a Chicano friend of Ed's from the past."
"When Ed hears about a death of an friend, he begins to think that he may be the next one to meet his maker."
"Chico wants to participate with his cousin's business in New York."
"A pregnant Spanish woman comes in the garage and Ed thinks that she is looking for him because he thinks that Chico may be the father of the unborn child."
"Chico and Ed try getting Veterans financing from the Government."
"Ed thinks that something kinky was going on between Chico and his girlfriend when he caught them in the back seat of Chico's van.....but was Ed just jumping to conclusions?"
"Louis gives Ed and Chico his used car to sell which gives Chico the idea of selling used cars as a part of Ed's business."
"Chico tries to persuade Ed to take a loan from the bank to improve conditions of customer service."
"Ed does not want to attend his former Army reunion."
"Ed thinks that he lost his mechanic skills."
"Ed has second thoughts about hiring Chico and tries as best as he can to get rid of him."
"Conservative elderly man Ed Brown meets a Chicano man who rides in Ed's garage on a bike, looking for a job. After a day of persuasion, Ed agrees to give Chico a job as his mechanic."