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An ex-terrorist, Madina Taburova, who was presumed dead, turns up in Helsinki seeking political asylum. Using a fake identity, the Intelligence Agency officer Mari Saari has to befriend this ex-terrorist to find out why she’s here. In order to uncover the mystery, Mari Saari has to form an unlikely partnership with an older streetwise narcotics cop. But everything is not as it seems.

Duration: 45 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2018

IMDb: 7.4

Season 1 - Bullets
"The world watches as the history is being written with fire and blood. As Innocents and sinners, Madina and Mari has to come face to face with their destiny."
"Madina needs Mari's help to save her loved ones. Viita is caught on crossfire on several fronts. Juri's true goal is revealed and Mari has to pay the price for the truth."
"Mari helps Madina to bury a secret. More dangerous inviduals arrive to Finland. Discontent raises among the police and Madina finally faces her past mistakes."
"Mari drifts into conflict with Karla Tuomi, who disagrees about the risks that must be taken to stop Madina. Madina needs to explain her actions to her superiors."
"Madina's plan is moving forward. Mari and Viita develop a dangerous plan to lure out the driving forces behind Madina."
"Trust between the two women is put to test, when Mari and Viita are trying to find the truth behind the force controlling Madina's actions."
"To find out why Madina Taburova has come to Finland, Mari must befriend her. At the same time, hidden forces are setting their pieces on the board."
"Mari's life is in danger when the true identity of the mysterious woman is revealed. Game of deadly cat and mouse is being played in the night of Helsinki, and nothing is what it looks like."
"Mari's mission collide's with narcotic cop Viita's case, two different detectives have to find ways to cooperate. A new and dangerous factor comes into play, leaving behind trail of bodies."
"A police officer appearing as a social worker infiltrates the reception center. Drug courier arrives in Finland as an asylum seeker. The courier is just the first of her many disguises."