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Breaking In

Contra Security is a high tech security firm that specializes in breaking in as a way to test security measures. The team members comprise various skills, and even more various personalities.
Season 2 - Breaking In
"On the final episode of the series, Molly's uncle Peter Mayhew hires Contra Security to find his original Chewbacca that was stolen by the Star Wars bounty hunter: Bobby Fettman. Molly's uncle pays 2 million $ to Oz if he can find the costume. With that money Oz can buys the company back. So he makes the decision to send Veronica to win Bobby's heart. Unfortunately Veronica says that Contra is trying to break into his house so Oz breaks in but is caught by Bobby's imperial guards. So Cash, Molly and Cash get into Bobby's house but when they are about to be caught they get in the ventilation but happen to fall into Bobby's garbage can Cameron in anger finds a blue light saber and fights Bobby in a saber duel like in Star Wars. Oz finally reappears and saves Cameron from Todd (played by Ray Park who was preparing to attack Cameron with two red light sabers. In the final scene of the series Oz gets the company back and Cameron and Cash receive an honour medal like in Star Wars. Dutch returns to Contra giving FACE! to Peter Mayhew. On the final moments Cash says I love you to Molly and she smiles and says that she knows, intending that she feels something too."
"Cam is at his house alone when someone tries to break in. When he opens the door he sees Melanie. 4 1/2 minutes later him and Melanie have already had sex. Everything happens to be ok with Melanie's intention to return and date Cameron but Molly returns home and Melanie finds out that Cameron and Molly are married which leaves heart broken. At Contra Oz talks to Cameron about it and reveals that Melanie blames Oz for the marriage. Meanwhile Cash develops his 22 steps plan to win Molly's love. That plan is called: "Dawsons Plan" as in Dawson Creek. Contra is hacked by Henry Shaw (played by Samm Levine and after some small disputes they make a deal who wins their annual Slosh Ball game is allowed to say that is the best company. Contra seems confident but their hopes end when Melanie joins Double Dragon. Contra loses the Slosh Ball game but Melanie hacks into Double Dragon servers and destroys the company revealing that she was working for Oz all of the time. Back in Contra Cameron and Melanie get back together as she is back working with Contra Security and reveal to everybody that they are finally a couple. At the end of the episode Cash, finally, makes an attempt on Molly."
"Veronica's attempts to turn Contra into a more corporate workplace are met with resistance from the gang."
"Oz is hired by Tony Hawk to protect all of his heritage. Meanwhile, Heather O'Brien comes to renew Contra Security website by shooting a video with one of the bosses alongside with her hot assistant Heather Young. Oz says no, so Veronica is the chosen one to shoot the video, altough she knows that Heather is planning to sabotage her and humiliate her at OCP conference when they show the film. So, when Cameron hacks into Heather e-mail to see the video. The gang gets together to help Veronica but she later says that it's ok to see the original video. At OCP conference, surprisingly everybody likes the video because they think all that appears is a joke which leaves Heather O'Brien very angry."
"The Hanson Brothers ask Oz to look for the NHL cup while they go to Mexico. After a dispute between Oz and Veronica she decides to do a girls night and she brings the cup with her. Meanwhile, Molly, in home, takes a quick shower but when she gets in the tub she finds Cam and they both see each other naked. At the girls night Cam spies on her afraid that Molly talks about his penis. The girls get drunk and Veronica wakes up in Carol's home. Oz calls her asking for the cup and Veronica says that she lost it. Oz and Cameron go find the cup such as Molly and Veronica. After finding the cup at Bar Mitzvah, Veronica is on the roof of Contra Security with Oz, and she says that after all she is not dumb as the guys thought she was. But when she says it she accidentally kicks the cup and it falls from the rooftop."
"When Molly discovers that she is about to be deported, the team stage a sham marriage to Cameron so that she can remain in the country - but Cash isn't happy with this idea. Meanwhile, the wedding forces Oz to reconsider his own marriage."
"Cam is excited to be chosen to go on a Leadership Conference with Veronica, but begins to worry that she may have ulterior motives. Back at Contra, Oz enlists Cash and Molly's help to find the treasure that Hurley, the old janitor, left buried somewhere on the premises."
"When Oz's one-time protégé and now bitter rival, Henry Shaw, wins an important account away from OCP the two firms decide to settle the score with a game of "Capture the Flag"."
"Oz relies on Cash to teach him how to ward off women because Molly has developed a crush on him."
"Oz tries to prove that Contra's top salesman actually exists. Veronica asks Cameron to help her make friends. Cash receives advice from an unlikely source."
"The team tracks a computer hacker. Oz is worried when Veronica hires a young teen to be the office's new intern. Melanie and Cam have an awkward stakeout."
"When Veronica doesn't approve of Contra's annual contract with a lingerie company to protect an extremely valuable diamond-encrusted bra, the team goes behind her back to pull it off (the mission, not the bra)."
"In the second season premiere, Cameron, Cash and Melanie discover that Oz is forced to sell the company to a corporate conglomerate headed by the brash and bold Veronica Mann (Emmy Award winner Megan Mullally, who joins the cast as a series regular), who along with her prickly British assistant Molly, turn the office upside-down."
Season 1 - Breaking In