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Bosom Buddies

Kip and Henry, two young studs working for a New York ad agency, must disguise themselves as women to live in the one apartment they can afford.

Duration: 25 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1980

IMDb: 6.7

Season 2 - Bosom Buddies
"Kip and Henry, seeking a little isolation to spark their creativity, become stranded in a wilderness cabin in the dead of winter. The girls, left to their own devices, try to shoot a commercial by themselves, and quickly find they are over their heads."
"Ruth and Kip and Henry reminisce about how she hired them straight out of school."
"When Kip learns his parents are heading for a divorce, it's time for him to play the role of peacemaker."
"An immigrant gets a crush on Hildy; much to the dismay of Henry."
"Henry saves a gangster's granddaughter from being hit by a car and then must put up with the man's `favors'."
"Kip and Henry produce a TV show, on cable, trying to advertise their client's product."
"Ruth and Kip and Henry compete for Amy's deciding two percent of company stock."
"Amy and Kip decide they will get tattoos to show their devotion to Henry and Sonny."
"Henry starts to date an interior decorator that nobody else can stand."
"Henry begins getting tired of his relationship status--so he decides to submit a personal add in a video dating service. But when he thinks he found the girl of his dreams--he soon finds out that she's not exactly normal."
"Kip and Henry get into trouble when they drop a water balloon on a government official's car."
"Kip and Henry use insurance money from a elevator accident to take a vacation in Monte Carlo."
"At ""60 Seconds Street""'s first shareholder's meeting, Herny puts a cap on Kip's abuse of his expense account. While Kip is away on a skiing holiday with Sonny, Henry is arrested for buying a stolen video recorder."
"At his high school reunion, Henry encounters a deaf girl he dumped as his prom date."
"Henry reluctantly agrees to spend the money that he and Kip are saving for a T-Bill on his Uncle Mort's commercial production company, unaware that Mort owes $17,000 to loanshark Victor."
"After not being about to take Sonny back to his apartment after a date, Kip decided to reveal his secret to Sonny."
Season 1 - Bosom Buddies