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Bless This House

Bless this house is a British sitcom starring Sid James and Diana Coupland that aired on ITV from the 2nd February 1971 to the 22nd April 1976. It was written by Derek Collyer, David Comming, B.C. Cummins, Harry Driver, George Evans, Dave Freeman, Carla Lane, Brian Platt, Vince Powell, Adele Rose, Mike Sharland, Bernie Sharp, Myra Taylor, Jon Watkins and Lawrie Wyman. It was made for the ITV network by Thames Television. In 2004, Bless this house came 67th in Britain's best sitcom.

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1971

IMDb: 7.4

Season 6 - Bless This House
"When Sid discovers why Jean is sulking and Sally and Mike won't talk to him, he goes to the pub with Trevor where they devise a plan to set things right."
"Sid discovers where the money for his birthday party has come from, and he doesn't like it."
"Sid wins a large export order, but Jean's plan for Mike to take a photograph of him for the local paper goes awry."
"A damp patch on the living-room carpet doesn't bother Sid - until he takes the skirting board off."
"Jean is worried about strange noises coming from next door."
"Sid tells Jean he has a temporary promotion at work. But soon Jean is beginning to doubt what he told her."
"Sid is awake night after night worrying about the countries troubles."
"When Sid's Uncle Percy dies, he leaves Sid two large packing cases and a small brown parcel."
"Sid's sponging family are anxious to share in his bonus and commission."
"When Mike moves into a flat of his own Jean decides to re-decorate his old room."
"Sid is feeling a bit off colour and his doctor suggests he find himself a hobby."
"Sid has a series of restless nights."
"Sid has more than a few problems when Jean convinces him to buy a deep freeze."
Season 5 - Bless This House