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Big Wolf on Campus

Tommy is bitten by a werewolf during a camping trip a week before the start of his senior year. After becoming a werewolf, he fights against supernatural entities to keep his hometown of Pleasantville safe.

Duration: 22 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1999

IMDb: 6.3

Season 3 - Big Wolf on Campus
"As the season and series finale, actors Brandon Quinn, Danny Smith, and Aimée Castle host their own ""Best of"" Episode, featuring best episode, best villains (Male and Female), etc... and some outtakes and deleted scenes."
"There is something about Sloane. Tommy is letting Merton ask her to the prom. Lori is going with a freshman. Sloane tries to kiss Tommy and Merton thinks that Tommy had betrayed him. Merton tries to ask her to the prom and she kisses him. The next day Tommy and Lori haven't seen Merton at all, literally even thought he is right in front of them. In fact Tommy passes right through him. Sloane asks Tommy out and he declines but Sloane convicese him. When Tommy arrives at Sloane's house he and Merton find something. Gil from the Werewolf Syndicate. Tommy finds out that Merton is dead by Sloanes kiss. He agrees to give up 'the wolf' for the returnof Merton. Just before Gil activates the machine, Merton posses Sloane and kisses himself. Sloane starts shooting kisses of death. Tommy is a little perterbed that this may be their last battle. Tommy throws a kiss back at Sloane, destroying her. Tommy messes Gil's hair because his do has been bothering him since the day he met him. Merton mo"
"Actor Corey Feldman shows up in Pleasantville looking for his old friend Corey Haim, the late vampire."
"A girl who is obsesed with Lori switches bodies with her. Tommy and Merton don't believe Lori in Alices's body but become suspicious at Alice in Lori's body, because she doesn't know what 'wolf out' means. They become even more suspicious when 'Lori' cries. Their suspicions are confirmed when 'Alice' knows Tommy's sercret and 'Lori' doesn't. A subplot is Merton has his own tv show in which a guest star is an rival of his. 'Alice' 'Lori' and Tommy(wolfed out) crash it. Merton averts the camera. The strange creature that Mertons rival Fong (remember him?) brought gets removed from its own body by Alice, in Lori's body. Metron tells them that the three of them have to hold each others hands to undo what Alice did. With the help of Fong they get the three to hold hands. Lori pulls the creature from her body and the creature(what was it called?) pulls Alice from it's body and Alice disappears."
"A mysterious phantom, the ""Phantom of the Factory"" with his ""Mini-Me"" apprentice mistakenly thought that his long lost love had come back but it was actually Lori. He tried to get rid of all her lovers so that he can stay with her forever. While Merton aggressively pushed his theatrical masterpieces for a stage show. Rejected by the judges, he continued to develop his acting and musical skills to perform in the upcoming Pleasantville Musical concert. In the finale of this episode, a wonderful musical performance was acted out by Tommy, Merton, Lori, the Phantom of the Factory, and his sidekick."
"A princess from a kingdom of werewolves falls in love with Tommy, while Merton is attracted to her hunchbacked handmaiden."
"An evil cyborg that looks a lot like Merton, from the future has been sent back to Pleasantville to kill Tommy. At school it blasts Tommy, but it seems that it was a GOOD cyborg from the future sent to protect Tommy Also the Merton cyborg poses for the school calendar and whose the photographer. Tommy teaches the Tommy cyborg to dance. They find out that now that the Tommy cyborg's mission is complete, he will self destruct and so will the Mertonator. But at the Hungry Bucket the Mertonator was on a date. I destroys the Tommy robot but Tommy destroys the Mertonator."
"Tommy accidentally bites Merton, turning him into a werewolf too while a Werewolf Hunter was in town. Lori and Tommy told him to use wolfsbane to reverse him back into fully human before he becomes fully werewolf, but Merton tricks them, and he continues his life as a werewolf. Tommy and Merton have a little fun because now Merton is athletic. But Merton is not like Tommy, because he becomes evil and causes trouble in Pleasantville. All of Tommy's plans to retrieve Merton and change him back had failed. There are only two ways to get rid of a werewolf: A silver bullet through the heart, which is obviously out; and Werewolf anti-bodies, which Lori has in her bloodstream from when she almost turned. The only problem with that is there is a possibility that she will turn too. Merton tricks Tommy into the trap he fell into and Tommy almost gets tranquilized. Merton uses silver-nitrate gas to weaken Tommy. Lori tells Merton that she's decided to be a werewolf too and Merton bites but then c"
"Merton began to look for a woman up above the stars after not being able to attract anyone on Earth. His interplanetary personal ad received a reply, and a visit from a mysterious alien leaves Merton pregnant. Lori is trying very hard to get into a college but Tommy and Merton kept interrupting them. Finally Tommy takes Lori and the Interviewer up to the space ship. Meaning another person finds out about Tommy and his and his friends' secret lives."
"One day, Tommy wishes that he is no longer the Pleasentville WereWolf. And it comes true. Tommy starts to like, how he can act like a normal teenager. But then he runs into the new evil Pleasentville werewolf and the new captain of the football team, who turns out to be his old friend Chuck. Even worse, Merton and Lori do not know who he was, and they weren't able to help him stop Chuck before he causes more damage, mayhem and chaos in Pleasantville. Tommy had to explain to Merton everything, and Merton believed him partially until they encountered Chuck who has about to attack Lori. During a battle between Tommy and Chuck, Tommy was bitten and he became a werewolf again. Using his new powers, he defeated Chuck, and he was transported back to his normal life, where he was the Pleasantville werewolf, the football captain, and where he had good friends."
"Merton notices an attractive Japanese girl at the factory and falls for her. She actually is attracted to him but tells him that they are too different so they can never be together. Merton misinterprets this and learns all about Japanese culture in an attempt to whoo her. This also fails to win her over even though she obviously likes him. Merton steals a kiss from her and then his trouble begins. Lori reveals that the girl is actually a cursed girl from a fairy tale and that anyone who kisses her will be killed by an evil 900 year old samurai. In an amusing sub-plot Tommy has to do community service at the Hungry bucket."
"Merton's role-playing game comes to life, as he is transported to another dimension where he must fight a real fire-breathing monster. Afraid, he decided to return to Merton's world and retrieve help from Tommy. The only problem is that Tommy is acting like Gandhi. The monster, who was a Shederack enters their world, and Tommy, and Merton has to destroy it before he destroys Pleasantville, and so it cannot return to Ursula's world and rule it."
"Everyone is out to see the new music band, N'Sipid, but they don't know that this new group is aliens sent to Earth to pick up girls and transport them back to their planet. Tommy also wanted to be part of their group, so he must practise dance moves, with the instructions from Dean, his brother. When Merton realizes that Becky has escaped from the house, he knew that the only place she would be is the N'Sipid concert. So, he arrives at the stadium, and he finds Lori and Tommy there. He tries to obtain help from Tommy, but he did not want to help out. Merton had to try to sneak pass the bodyguard, Tim to get backstage, so he disguised himself as a girl. When he was accepted, he reached the room where the group was, and he finds out that they were reptillian creatures. He was captured and trapped in a pod, which would be sent to the Sun. When Tommy and Lori found out what Merton was gone for too long, they decided to search for him. When they found Devin, they knocked him out and"
"When a man in a Santa Claus suit and a sleigh, the gang is convinced that he was Santa Claus, and they help him fix his sleigh before he entered the sky again. When he discover the real Santa Claus, the real one explains to Tommy, Merton, and Lori about what happened with him and his brother, Roger who stole the Santa suit, which contained magic that helps Santa Claus do all those amazing things. The gang teams up with Santa Claus to save Christmas from being ruined by his evil brother - the Anti-Claus."
"Merton noticed that Pleasantville once held a witch trial while fetching the basketball for a game between Tommy, Lori, Merton, Chuck and his friends. A conversation led to Merton saying that he had a girlfriend, and remembered the name of the witch who was burned at the stake. After repeating her name three times, she was released from the tree. Chuck told them that he wanted Merton to bring along his girlfriend to the Factory. Merton had to come up with a plan fast because he did not have a girlfriend but the witch came to the rescue, and she became Merton's girlfriend for a reward for releasing her from the tree. When the girl was getting on Merton's nerves, he had to break up with her, but Lori told Tommy and Merton that the witch had brutally killed her ex-boyfriends because they were trying to break up with her, and that was why she was burned to death."
"Merton's ex-girlfriend, Hilary Choate, was running for president of the school, and Merton was trying to ruin her campaign, and Hilary said to Merton that if she won, she would disband the ""Goth Club"", so he went to Tommy to make him start a campaign for president, running against Hilary, because he was very popular. When Hilary said to Mr. McGovern that she would give her soul to win the election, this tweaked Mr. McG's interest and made sure that Hilary had won the election, so he could enter her soul so he would not have to be thrown away by the captain in hell. Merton and Tommy must save her soul before Mr. McGovern takes her sould back into the underworld."
"Merton finds a way to enter Tommy's head, and see all what Tommy sees, hear what all Tommy's thoughts were, and the ability to control Tommy's body - The Janitor's Closet. With this new discovery, Merton helps Tommy get Lori to get back together, and when Merton realized that he would use Tommy's werewolf powers to get revenge on a new student in school that has been threatening and bullying Merton, whose name was Bucky. After this defeat, Bucky noticed the secret entrance too and uses Tommy's werewolf body to get back at Merton, and now Merton, Lori, Tommy, and Bucky are in a battle in Tommy's head for control."
"When Merton finds a real superhero to join his new League of Decency, Tommy suspects that Stormfront is more interested in fame than in doing good deeds. Tommy and Lori decide to quit his ""team"" because Merton thinks they were the sidekicks of Stormfront because he was better than both of them. Stormfront causes havoc in the city of Pleasantville but he poses as a hero when he relinquishes the disaster. He also stole fame from Tommy Dawkins."
"Merton's sister Becky finds a genie in a bottle and wishes for Tommy to fall in love with her. Along with that wish, she was also granted a disappearance of a blemish and to make a forcefield that would not let Merton come 10 feet near her. And once all her wishes were granted, the genie escapes the bottle and Becky becomes stuck inside the bottle for the next couple hundred thousand years. Tommy and Merton must try to release Becky before the Genie runs too far away."
"While doing his late night radio show, Merton finally meets the woman of his dreams. There's just one problem - she turns out to be a vampire. This is no ordinary vampire, she drinks the blood of werewolves, and because these creatures are very rare, she was dying out along with her fellow vampire friend. So when they found out that Tommy Dawkins was a werewolf, they tricked Merton into becoming a vampire and now he must destroy Tommy to survive..."
"Tommy and Lori finds a way to get Merton out of his stone state, by purchasing potion from an underground group of people. Maxwell Fong wants $1000 for the potion, but Tommy and Lori does not have that much money, so Tommy traded in his Elway Rookie Card for the money. When they used the potion on Merton, it worked but Merton's senses were lost, so Tommy and Lori visit Fong again to get the antidote to the poison in his body. Fong offered it for $5000 but when he found out that Tommy was a Werewolf, he decided to have Tommy battle his champion in a no rules match, and if he wins, he receives the potion. Tommy did not know that he was up against a Cyclopes."
Season 2 - Big Wolf on Campus
Season 1 - Big Wolf on Campus