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Big Bad Beetleborgs

Big Bad Beetleborgs is an American television series produced by Saban Entertainment. It aired for two seasons (the second season being named 'Beetleborgs Metallix') on Fox Kids between September 7, 1996 and March 2, 1998. Reruns later aired on UPN Kids from 1998 to 1999. On May 7, 2010, as part of the sale of the Power Rangers franchise, the copyright for Beetleborgs was transferred from BVS International to SCG Power Rangers. The series adapted combat footage from the Metal Hero tokusatsu-series Juukou B-Fighter and B-Fighter Kabuto.
Season 1 - Big Bad Beetleborgs
"Vexor and Nukus watched happily as Borgslayer continued to terrorize the Beetleborgs. Nukus told Vexor that if the Beetleborgs defeated Borgslayer, all the Magnavors would return to the comic books. The Beetleborgs tried to release Flabber from the pipe organ by repeating the same way they got Flabber out of his pipe organ the first time. The Beetleborgs defeated Borgslayer and the Magnavors, and all of the Magnavors returned to their rightful place in the comic book world. But just as the ex-Beetleborgs were about to lead a normal life, Nukus arrived."
"Vexor decided that he has had enough of all the villains that he had brought to life, from the Beetleborg comics, and failed. So, he and the Magnavors went to Arthur Fortunes's office to see if he had anything new that would help them. They discover a strange drawing named Nukus but Arthur told them that he did not draw that. Meanwhile, the monsters were fed up with Flabber and they decided to put him back in his pipe organ prison."
"Noxic's brother, returns and now he transforms into a buffed-up man named Herc-Uleese to spy on the Beetleborgs. For his disguise, he puts the House Monsters to work, exercising to become as muscular as he is. When the Beetleborgs are suspicious about this man, they go investigate and surely, they witness his transformation powers."
"A boy named Norman Nussbaum arrives in the city to slay a vampire, who goes by the name of Fangula. When the Beetleborgs discover his motive (because he is in a line of Vampire Hunters), they have to save Count Fangula from the child."
"A monster called Evil Eye attacks the city sending out bad luck to everyone it encounters."
"Hypnomania is unleashed into the real world and he controls the house monsters to attack the kids. The Beetleborgs must find Hypnomania and destroy him so the house monsters are not under the control of Vexor anymore. While the Magnavor trio are fired by Vexor and have to make a living earning money off humans."
"A bug creature is released from the newest issue of Beetleborgs. He's accidentally merged with Flabber!"
"The kids switch bodies with the Magnavores."
"Count Fangula's ""victim quota"" is low, as he hasn't drank any blood in weeks! Vlad the Impaler, head vampire from the old country, comes to Hillhurst to make sure he gets back on track."
"Dr. Baron Von Frankenbeans creates a bride just for his ""son"", Frankie. She's not interested in him, until she learns of how he'll be inheriting the Baron's ""fortune""."
"There's a legend about an enormous fish that lives in Charterville, and Vexor has a plan to release a Giant Fish from the Comics and attack citizens of the city."
"A female werewolf arrives at Hillhurst, and Wolfgang falls in love at first sniff. But it turns out she's none other than Jara, the Magnavore mistress!"
"Wolfgang plays around with Flabber's spellbook, and accidentally changes Jo into looking like a different girl!"
"The ghost of Old Man Hillhurst returns and continues to haunt Hillhurst Mansion, while Abbie (Roland's mother) replaces Aaron at Zoom Comics."
"Two archaeologists come to Hillhurst to retrieve there Mummy finds. They reviewed how they had dug up Mums, and how they got the curse where they continue to sneeze, itch, etc... They must reburry Mums so they can rid of the curse."
"Dr. Baron Von Frankenbeans, Frankie's creator, returns, and gives his ""son"" an operation to increase his intelligence. But the new, super-smart Frankenbeans turns out a little too snobby."
"A Phantom appears in Hillhurst, seeking his long lost love, who just happens to resemble Jo!"
"Zoom Comics discovers a lost pet while the Beetleborgs had to take care of another monster released from the Comics."
"The Beetleborgs, Flabber and the monsters of Hillhurst celebrate their first Christmas together, while a fund is being raised for the less-fortunate kids of Charterville at the Charterville comic store. Vexor's crew was sent out to destroy Christmas for everyone, but the Beetleborgs came into action and attacks the Magnevors, but they escaped. Flabber adds some Christmas spirit to the monsters of Hillhurst and returns all the gifts to the people of their town. Van, Trip, and Dudley gets into the Christmas spirit and helps the party for the less-fortunate children."
"Blackbeard the pirate is summoned from a history book by Flabber."
"The power rod is used to give Drew the Blue Stingerborg upgrade of Mega Blast. Will it be enough to destroy Shadowborg? And how will this effect the White Blasterborg?"
"Drew and Josh successfully find their way into the Magnavors hideout and steal an energy rod that contained the required energy to restore the Shadowborg's strength."
"Shadowborg captures the Beetleborgs while attempting to battle Vexor, so they must obtain help from their new Beetleborg."
"When the Beetleborgs lose their power to the Shadowborg, the White Blaster Beetleborg retrieves it."
"The Shadowborg can not be defeated by the three Beetleborgs, so the three kids turned to the creator of the Beetleborgs Comics, Art Fortunes. He creates a new Beetleborg, and a new boy in town named Josh Baldwin gets to use the new armour."
"Vexor, using a piece of Roland's Blue Stingerborg armor, creates his very own evil Beetleborg, the Shadowborg. Meanwhile, a new kid in town catches Heather's eye, and thus, catches Drew's ire."
"Count Fangula attacks the people in Charterville, turning Van and Trip into vampires!"
"Frankenbeans ventures out from Hillhurst on Halloween."
"The House Monsters find what appears to be a brain in their attic. Little do they realize, that it was placed there by the Magnavores to spy on them and the Beetleborg kids."
"Aliens arrive on the planet Earth, and the Magnavors are the first creatures on Earth to witness them. They capture them to use their advanced technology to help defeat the Beetleborgs."
"Dr. Baron Von Frankenbeans, the creator of the House Monster known simply as Frankenbeans, arrives at Hillhurst for a visit. The doctor runs experiments and tests on Flabber and the other House Monsters to check on their health."
"A plant monsters is sent out of the Comics to destroy the Beetleborgs."
"The kids attempt to meet the Beetleborgs' comic creator, Art Fortunes, at a Comic Book Convention. But the Magnavores sieze the opportunity to release several monsters at once."
"A rock band moves into Hillhurst."
"Bank robbers steal Nano's money and hide it in Hillhurst Mansion."
"Oliver visits his cousins - Drew and Jo and when he pretends to be a Beetleborgs by dressing up like one, the Magnavors capture him as they believe he is a real Beetleborg."
"Flabber, The House Monsters, and the three kids discover a hunchback in the attic of the Hillhurst Mansion."
"Vexor summons a bottle from the comics, which contains all the badness in the world. And once the substance is released from the battle, it creates a bad atmosphere, bringing out the worst of people. Jo drinks it and turns into a lunatic."
"The House Monsters are getting tired of not catching their meals - the three kids, Drew, Jo, and Roland."
"Drew wants to get Heather a very special birthday present: the gem of Queen Magna. So he convinces Flabber to accompany him into the comic dimension!"
"Drew finds himself slowly becoming a cat monster."
"A rat kidnaps Heather while she was waiting for Nano to arrive back in Charterville from her trip."
"Nano discovers a bracelet inside a closet, and puts it on. Now, whoever is in the presence of her, becomes her servant. And take a guess just what happens when she visits Hillhurst!"
"A production of a movie would be taking part in Hillhurst Mansion, and everyone was excited to see it they could become a star in the latest Hollywood movie."
"Flabber helps Roland improve his magic trick abilities by lending him a magic book. When he practised his new trick, he performs it at Zoom Comics (but on the way there, he lost the book). He makes Jo disappear, and could not remember how to bring her back. When he discovers that the book was gone, he must find it immediately or Jo is stuck being invisible."
"A werewolf arrives at Hillhurst. His name is Wolfgang, and he's a notorious freeloader from the House Monsters' old country (Transylvania). Lucky for them, when he makes a big scene in Charterville, the Magnavores take interest, and kidnap Wolfie, hoping to use his strength against the Beetleborgs."
"Flabber has a cold, and is surprised to discover that the old handkerchief he uses to blow his nose is actually a treasure map! The three Beetleborg kids use it to seek out what they expect to be riches beyond imagination. But Van and Trip swipe the map, in an effort to find the treasure themselves. The Magnavores then steal it from them, and release a monster, the Terror Bear, from the comics to keep the Beetleborgs busy. After defeating the monster, the kids team-up with the House Monsters to track down the treasure: and it turns out to be golden slime."
"Trip and Van hire a bogus ghostbuster to exterminate Flabber from Hillhurst."
"Van and Trip pay to have the Hillhurst Mansion blown up while the Magnavors have their own plan to destroy the Mansion."
"Flabber makes Drew, Roland, and Jo's wish come true, and they're given the ability to transform into the comic book superheroes, the Beetleborgs, for real! But in doing so, the magical Phasm opens a gateway to the comic dimension, and the Beetleborgs' enemies, evil creatures called Magnavores, slip into our world. Now the three pre-teens use the powers and arsenal of the Beetleborgs to combat the Magnavors, and only once they're defeated and sent back to the comic world can the portal be closed, and the Earth be safe again."
"Trip and Van, a pair of rich brothers and snobby bullies, dare Drew, Jo, and Roland to see who can stay in Hillhurst Mansion, the local haunted house, the longest. Little does any of them realize, that the place really IS haunted, inhabited by a Frankenstein's Monster, a vampire, and a mummy! The three pre-teens, while being chased by these House Monsters, stumble upon an old pipe organ, and accidentally free a Phasm (an interdimensional being with magical powers) from within it, named Flabber. The only friendly creature at Hillhurst, Flabber rewards the trio with a wish of their choice. After a brief transformation into rats (due to a misunderstanding about what they wanted to become), the three decide that they want to become their favorite comic book superheroes... The BeetleBorgs!"