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American Nightmare

Our best times, our warmest memories, our worst nightmares. When real life home movies and photos meet real crime scene video and stills, murder mysteries become emotional powerhouses.

Genre: Drama , Documentary , Crime

Actor: Craig Lee Thomas


Country: USA

Duration: 43 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2019

IMDb: 8.7

Season 1 - American Nightmare
"A storm rattles the night in Key Largo, Florida, as an intruder slips silently into the home of newlyweds Michael and Missy MacIvor. As daylight clears away the rain, a nightmare is revealed that will haunt the entire community for years to come."
"The New England chills of the New Year bite even more brutally when a mother and daughter are savagely murdered in their Woburn, MA home. With several suspects on the line, detectives take a shot in the dark in order to solve this nightmare of a mystery."
"With graduation nearing at Northeastern University, students are alarmed at the discovery of a fellow co-ed shot to death in her apartment. Detectives face many challenges in the investigation until they realize the answer is right in front of them."