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All Saints

All Saints is an Australian medical drama which first screened on the Seven Network. The series debuted on 24 February 1998 and concluded its run on 27 October 2009. It had been one of Australia's highest rating dramas and also achieved popularity overseas in many countries including United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, and Iran.
Season 6 - All Saints
"This is the second part of the double episode finale. Greg Roberts gives Charlotte a moral headache when he assaults a patient who has robbed the ward of pethidine. Paula bonds with a woman who is looking after a husband with dementia. Luke asks Paula to marry him and she has to break the news that she never got around to divorcing Max's father, Michael. Alan Marden, the hospital's financial controller, is admitted to the ward with hyperthermia and gets to see the results of his budget cuts up close. An obsessive gunman embarks on a shooting spree as he stalks Charlotte through the hospital. Terri breaks the rules to prevent her supervisor from dying. Regina and Morris' anniversary goes tragically wrong."
"This is the first half of the double episode finale. Greg Roberts gives Charlotte a moral headache when he assaults a patient who has robbed the ward of pethidine. Paula bonds with a woman who is looking after a husband with dementia. Luke asks Paula to marry him and she has to break the news that she never got around to divorcing Max's father, Michael. Alan Marden, the hospital's financial controller, is admitted to the ward with hyperthermia and gets to see the results of his budget cuts up close. An obsessive gunman embarks on a shooting spree as he stalks Charlotte through the hospital. Terri breaks the rules to prevent her supervisor from dying. Regina and Morris' anniversary goes tragically wrong."
"Charlotte suspects Greg, a PSA from the hospital, of being involved in an armed robbery. Von and Terri deal with a willful student nurse who challenges a traumatised patient. Nelson and Sterlo clash over Miranda, a sexy young patient who likes to get her own way."
"Von and Nelson have to work out how they are going to live and work together. Charlotte deals with a relative who feels his father is being used as a medical ""guinea pig"". Alex has trouble dealing with Harri's increasingly inappropriate behaviour."
"Charlotte comes home from nightshift to find that her ward, Sasha, has apparently been raped. Alex is finding Harri more and more intriguing as the day pans out. Paula has a decision to make when Michael, Max's father accompanies a burns patient on the ward. Sterlo finds out why a patient is acting so peculiarly."
"Special requests are being made of the doctors at All Saints, and their response will change lives and lead to explosive conflict on Ward 17. Charlotte's help and support for Sasha causes her trouble and heartache."
"Alex's new temporary ambo partner, Harri, catches Sterlo's eye as they try to help Troy Davies, a young man coming to terms with his girlfriend's amnesia after a fall from a cliff. Vincent comes into conflict with his senior, Mr Madsen, over his treatment of car bomb blast victim, Lauren Wellham, when she returns to All Saints. Paula is forced to confront Luke's involvement in Max's life when he ends up on the ward after school."
"Tensions arise between Terri and Nelson over the discharge of a patient. Staff feel the strain of a system in overload."
"Von faces a personal crisis as the civil suit against her finally comes to trial. Paula and Luke have their own problems to face in dealing with Paula's mum and Max. While, on the ward, another parent/child relationship slides down a steep slope to disaster. None of this matters to Matt, who has a special surprise for Kirsten and their friends - a surprise involving sequins and celebration. Matt throws a surprise wedding, but it ends in disaster."
"When a bone marrow donor withdraws her consent, Terri and Charlotte battle to save her sister's life. Luke donates a kidney to his father, Sal. Alex is bitten by a deadly snake."
"Luke makes a life-or-death decision that results in a family tragedy. When patient Charlie Ellis returns to the ward, Nelson and Terri clash over his treatment. Regina, trying to help a patient, makes a near-fatal mistake."
"When Matt discovers a dumped baby, little does he realise that he might be accused of being the child's father. Matt's day goes from bad to worse when he learns that he and Kristen are expecting a baby which Kristen may decide not to keep. Terri faces an administrative crisis when a young athlete develops a multi-resistant strain of staph. Charlotte uncovers the mystery of the baby's father and faces the wrath of the new CEO when she takes matter into own hands."
"The husband of Charlotte's ex-lover, Liz, dies. Liz asks Charlotte to make out the death certificate. Charlotte's career is in jeopardy as it appears the death is not as straightforward as it seems. Sterlo bonds with a teenage patient who has doubts about his masculinity. A handsome Priest has an embarrassing encounter with Matt."
"Terri and Vincent forge a new understanding as they work together on the victim of a bombing while Paula finds herself struggling to nurse the man responsible. Charlotte and Von have their hands full when a practical joke goes badly wrong."
"Terri is put in the middle when Von clashes with a visitor. Charlotte gets a black eye and shows a fiercely independent streak, in contrast to Vincent's care. Sterlo reveals a little about his family when stuck with an obnoxious patient. Scott and Alex discover the joys of golf."
"Matt 'freaks out' when the body he's delivered to the morgue 'wakes up'. Charlotte puts her job on the line when she promises a daughter that her mother will live. Regina's birthday is ruined when Morris dumps her. Paula nurses a grown man who is terrified of the dark."
"Von is dismayed when an autopsy reveals her possibly culpability in the death of a patient. Charlotte and Vincent, meanwhile, are confronting some personal and professional mistakes of their own. ---------- (extended summary) Von has been coming down to ICU to see Vera for the last few months. Along the way, she's picked up the added responsibility of supporting Vera's daughter, Madeleine. When Vera Fleming's life support is switched off, her daughter starts looking for someone to blame and Von becomes the target of a civil suit. She starts to wonder if it was a mistake to have tried to help Vera at the scene of the MVA. Lesley Hall presents to Emergency with symptoms including chronic diarrhoea and dehydration after a full-on partying holiday in Europe and a long flight back from London. She's admitted to the ward for dehydration and proves to be something of a handful for both Sterlo and Charlotte because, although nil by mouth, she's a total caffeine addict and will pull any"
"Charlotte's professional standing is damaged when she turns up in emergency, apparently under the influence and behaving inappropriately. Paula and Luke reconcile after Max is hit by a car. Von realises that Nelson is secretly carrying a torch for Terri."
"The investigation into Rose Stevens' murder reaches a dramatic conclusion. Extraordinary circumstances force Terri and Vincent to make a new beginning. A young, blind man fears that the operation to return his sight will fail."
"Terri learns Vincent may be implicated in Rose's murder. Luke gets a promotion but falls out with Paula. Charlotte discovers all is not what it seems with a patient, while Rebecca and Jared have unconventional last days at the hospital."
"It's becoming obvious to Jared that Leanne's an alcoholic - her behaviour is getting worse - but what can he do about it? Treatment of a disturbed ex-navy man frustrates Vincent when the Navy won't take responsibility for his serious psychological problems. Still dealing with the pressures of Rose's death, Terri is offered extended leave by Joan."
"Terri is charged with murder and Von tries desperately to raise the bail money. A glimmer of hope in proving her innocence comes from an unlikely source. Von nurses an aging dying nun who wants to make her final years more meaningful by leaving the order that wants to put her 'out to pasture'. Leanne, Jared and Rebecca are feeling trapped by their unhappy relationships at the hospital."
"Terri's enjoyable week playing mum to Lucy, while Victoria is in hospital, comes to an abrupt end when she is questioned by the police. It seems that Terri was the last person to visit Rose around the time of her death. Evidence given to the police by Vincent and Victoria only serves to confirm Terri as a person of interest in the investigation."
"Everyone at the hospital is talking about the death of Rose Stevens, and what could have pushed her to take the final step. Terri Sullivan's relationship with Rose was always difficult, and now she finds herself battling it out with Rose's mother Victoria. The issue at hand is the welfare of Lucy, the daughter Rose had with Terri's late husband Mitch Stevens when he and Rose were married, who is now an orphan. Vincent once again sees the wrong side of Terri. Ward 17 is beset by in-fighting until Terri lays down the law. Scott is the victim of road rage, but he has to deal with his own anger too."
"Terri makes a serious mistake when she assumes she knows what her patient needs. Nelson and Jared disagree on how to best deal with a suicide attempt. Scott makes a decision on his future with Rebecca."
"At the All Saints Annual Charity Ball, hearts are won and lost and Terri discovers that she may have misjudged Vincent Hughes. In the ward, Von confronts an enemy and comes face-to-face with the tragic fate of a woman whose life she has saved."
"A woman revisits a childhood nightmare after she is involved in a car accident with her son and she refuses to believe nursing staff that he has survived the crash. Terri's plans for her neighbour, Carmen, end in disaster when she is transferred into the Pysch Ward. A new nurse, Frances Regan, has come halfway round the world to work with her great mate, Bron, but her timing couldn't be worse."
"Paramedics Scott and Alex are called out to attend a serious car accident, but Scott becomes concerned when he discovers Rebecca's parents are among the injured. The accident victims are making all kinds of claims about who's at fault, but Scott soon realises that the one thing they have in common is blaming Rebecca's dad Lindsay Green for being out of control. Scott suspects he had been drinking alcohol before the accident. Arriving at All Saints, Rebecca rushes to her parents' side but becomes disturbed when her dad asks her to steal his blood sample and lose it instead of handing it over to the police. She can't decide whether to help her father and compromise her ethics, or stand by the rules of the job. Nelson's relationship with Leanne reaches a crisis point. When Colin finds out that Terri and Charlotte have broken hospital rules he is furious and threatens Terri with dismissal. Sterlo tries to hide a footy injury from everyone, but when Paula finds out she reconsiders her son's"
"Vincent's tragic past is revealed after a tough day looking after a TB patient from a government detention centre. Terri fights for Malcolm Pussle's reputation, against Vincent and the CEO, and finds herself unpopular on both fronts. When Tony Hunter is admitted to the ward after violently bashing his head, Ward 17 staff, along with social worker Leanne, must get to the bottom of his problems with his wife. Alex and Scott collect casualties from Chloe's salon... and she finally lets go. Luke wants to share his love of football with Max and Paula but things don't go as planned."
"On Terri's first day back at work she clashes with doctor Vincent Hughes over a returned heart transplant patient who has a broken leg. Nelson and Von go out of their way to shield Terri from a brain tumour patient. Sterlo is accused of having an affair with the mother of one of the under Seven's footy players he coaches. There is tension between Scott and Rebecca as Jared interferes in their relationship. Leanne Curtis starts working at the hospital making life difficult for Nelson, and compromising Jared's attraction to her when it's revealed that she is his new counsellor."
"Nelson is stunned when Terri calls to announce her resignation. Luke's confidence in getting the vacant VMO'S position is shattered by Dr Murphy. Jared puts Matt and Kirsten's blossoming romance to the test when he involves Matt in the care of Jenny Garfield, a cancer patient. Vincent struggles to get to the bottom of ovarian cyst patient Tina Blake's life-long halitosis problem. Terri is forced to confront her future when she learns the shocking truth about her neighbour Carmen's past. Regina's new flower arrangement puts Von and Sterling off-side and Sterlo decides it's got to go."
"Terri's grief reaches a climax when she ends up in hospital suffering from pneumonia. A new doctor, Vincent Hughes, arrives in Emergency and causes a stir. Scott and Alex bring in a patient suffering puzzling symptoms. Scott acts as Alex's love adviser… with a result that isn't quite as he expects. Matt falls for an attractive patient, unaware of what is wrong with her. Von and Luke are both sitting exams, with wildly different outcomes."
"Terri's not coping in the aftermath of Mitch's death. After an awkward start, Sterlo saves a patient and bonds with Charlotte in the process. Rebecca's guilt over sleeping with Jared is compounded when Scott supports her through a crisis with her brother. Reg gets a date with the florist of her dreams."
"Family and friends turn out in force to pay their last respects to their beloved colleague. New nurse Sterling 'Sterlo' McCormack starts on the ward and Nelson and Paula are intrigued when he does everything in his power to avoid Colin Blackburn."
"Mitch fights for his life on an operating table while the return of a patient has the staff of Ward 17 wondering where the justice is in the world."
"Terri has a romantic surprise in store for Mitch… and it becomes a celebration of life with all the family of Ward 17. Rebecca nurses a man whose son has been lost in a boating accident and comforts his grieving wife as they hope for a miracle. Charlotte learns that love never dies. Scott helps Alex come to terms with the difference between city and country attitudes."
"Bron hates good-byes but it's going to be hard to avoid them. All she wants is an easy last day at work but that doesn't seem likely with one of her patients having his arm amputated. Terri's left to wrestle with the implications after Mitch has a sperm sample frozen. Scott gets a new ambo partner."
"When Luke's father is admitted to hospital following a multiple vehicle accident but refuses to accept the diagnosis. On Ben's last day, he and Scott take different sides over conflicting accounts of the accident. Sinking into depression over his illness, Mitch returns to work and puts Terri in a difficult position. Angus is also depressed because his new Psych rotation is going badly. With her move to the country imminent, Bron urges Jared to apply for her job."
"Today is the day of Mitch's brain biopsy. A MS sufferer has reached the end of her road. A kid from a good school is found to be habitually sniffing paint thinners. Charlotte is faced with a terrible decision."
"Charlotte gains the trust of an elderly Polish man brought in and through a translator, discovers the horrific living conditions in the boarding house where he is staying. Mitch, who is again drinking heavily, lashes out at Terri and hits her. The next morning he wakes up hungover to find that she has gone. Arriving at the hospital, wanting to set things right, Mitch discovers that Terri had never arrived. Panicked at the thought of losing her, he tries to track her down and finds her at her sister Margaret's house, where he lashes out again, this time at Margaret's husband. Now both Mitch and Terri know that something isn't right, so Mitch undergoes a CT scan. And the news isn't good."
"- Paula finds out she is pregnant - Nelson is given another chance at promotion - An increasingly deaf Mitch has/had an argument with Rose and now he and Terri are at loggerheads over it."
"- Scott dives into a river to rescue a woman from her sinking car - Rebecca's 16 year old brother is admitted with appendicitis - Does Mitch really give a diabetes patient an overdose of heparin? - A squeaky wheelchair drives Nelson mad"
"- Ben and Bron's wedding - Bron's estranged father arrives - Mitch's drinking - is it out of control? - Terri reliving her father's violence - An amorous nurse betrays Nelson's trust as does his wife Leanne. - Angus Drummond, the new intern, arrives"
Season 2 - All Saints
Season 1 - All Saints