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LEGO Masters - Season 3 Episode 5 - Episode 5

Genre: Family , Reality-TV , Comedy , Game-Show


Country: Australia

Episode: 5/17 eps

Duration: 90 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2019

IMDb: 10

Season 4 - LEGO Masters
"Our teams are put to the test, challenged to build what their vision of the future is, but seen through the view of a window frame."
"The remaining six teams will be competing in two challenges, High Wire and Secret City, and one team will be going home."
"Each team has 10 hours to create a build that functions from the power of a wind machine."
"In this 'spooktacular' episode, the six remaining teams will have 10 hours to embrace their dark side and complete their spooky builds."
"The seven teams are challenged to build tiny dragons that are small enough to fly on a drone. The winner gets an advantage for the second build."
"Teams must create a bridge that can survive two shake plates. If more than one bridge can survive all 12 levels of shaking, then aesthetics will decide the winner."
"With 10 hours on the clock, the teams' challenge is to build something set to mini-fig scale that is whole on one side and when you spin it around, reveals a build and a world that has been completely cut in half on the other side."
"The teams build a car of the future, and then turn something old into something new. The first challenge sees one team win an advantage, while the second challenge is an elimination."
"Teams must create a song title out of LEGO, and make their builds clear enough that a musical mystery guest can guess what song they have built without them saying a word."
"Teams have to build a stunt vehicle that has to go up a ramp and soar through a ring of fire, clear nine LEGO school buses, and explode on the ground which will be captured in slow motion."
"Teams are challenged to create something found at the bottom of the ocean. Their creations will be put into a large pool that will fill with water, then drain again."
Season 3 - LEGO Masters