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Haunted Hospitals - Season 3 Episode 13 - Episode 13

Genre: Horror , Documentary , Reality-TV , Sci-Fi & Fantasy


Country: Canada

Episode: 39/39 eps

Duration: NA

Quality: HD

Release: 2018

IMDb: 10

Season 3 - Haunted Hospitals
"After almost dying, a woman is stalked by an angry spirit she met on the other side; at a Catholic hospital, a housekeeper encounters the ghosts of former nuns; an EMT comes face-to-face with a paranormal possession as he transfers a patient."
"A janitor is attacked by the territorial ghost of the hospital’s kitchen chef; a hospice worker is driven away by the spirit of her patient’s evil sister; a hospital data analyst discovers the trick to dealing with menacing entities."
"A nurse’s daughter has a near-death accident and when she is brought home from the hospital she brings a parasitic entity with her, and an eye doctor is driven to the brink by an aggressive spirit that stalks him."
"An EMT finds that her patient has ghostly company; a hospital pharmacy technician’s family is burdened with a dark entity; a volunteer during the COVID-19 crisis is faced with the presence of death and spirits."
"A nurse and her friends get more than they bargained for when they seek thrills in an abandoned hospital on Halloween night; a harried doctor is desperate for an end to his years-long string of paranormal encounters."
"A nurse is tormented in her new home by the spirit of the previous owner; a hospital security guard encounters strange and terrifying entities night after night; an EMT falls ill only to have terrifying paranormal encounters during her hospital stay."
"A patient awakens to find the hospital has entered an alternate dimension."
"A woman and her brother are chased from an abandoned hospital by a ghost."
"The demonic product of an exorcism plagues a nurse throughout the hospital, and a long-term care worker discovers an evil portal to the other side within the facility."
"A nurse is taunted by the ghost of a child who died while in her care."
"An energy-sucking entity stalks patients at a long-term care facility."
"A pregnant woman is tormented by the otherworldly cries of a ghost baby."
Season 2 - Haunted Hospitals
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