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Gunsmoke - Season 7 Episode 18 - Old Dan

Luke is raising heck at the bar. Matt locks him up. Doc finds a drunk, Dan Witter, by the side of the road. He takes him to his office and feeds him. Doc tells the bars in town not to serve him. Doc gets Dan a job with Mr. Jonas. Luke's dad, Lem, comes to get him out. Luke says he's taking off. Jonas asks Dan to lock up for him. Dan drinks all the vanilla extract. They find him passed out on the floor. He is taken to Doc's office. Lem tells he needs help on his farm. Dan goes to work for Lem and works very hard. Luke retuns with whiskey and offers it to Dan. Dan wants to leave but Lem talks him into staying. Luke tries to get Dan to drink, and starts beating Lem with a piece of firewood. Dan comes to get Matt. They go to Lem's. Luke's dead. Lem bad off tries to say he killed Luke, but Dan says he did it. Dan says ""As long as I can remembermsomeone's always been willing to give me another chance, I just won't give my self one.

Episode: 266/282 eps

Duration: 45 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1955

IMDb: 6.5

Season 20 - Gunsmoke
"A comedy of errors puts Festus behind a plow, farming for a family of shiftless sharecroppers."
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